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Winter Darkness

So I am enjoying the C25K programme but now as winter is approaching and the dark morning and nights are kicking in I'm not sure what to do about my runs.

I used to go in the morning about 5:15ish as it was pretty light at that time, but obviously now it's pitch black, I prefer morning runs because it sets me up for the day etc.

I obviously moved them to after work (4:15ish) as it was still light but I felt I struggled with motivation a lot more doing it after work, and now the evenings are getting darker I don't want to give it up all together, and i don't want to go to the gym because I really cannot use a treadmill to save my life.

What should I do?

Brave the outdoors in the cold dark mornings or do I try and find the motivation to do the after work jog??

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By the way I'm really sorry if I have asked the same as other people.


No need to apologise everyones here to help if they can!

What sort of work environment are you in? I've arranged with my boss if that I spend longer that lunch hour running I'll make the time up out of hours. So if I end up having an hour and 20 min lunch break I'll end up working to 5.20. I do work in a nice work environment though I know some of my previous places of employment would have kicked up a big fuss and said no way!

I've also started interval training on my lunch break on Tuesdays. It's just over 20 mins long so I can get out, get back, get showered and have a quick bite to eat before my lunch hour is over. I bought the rock on mp3 from audiofuel. Its a very tough work out!

Alternatively another idea would be to join your local running club. They have beginners groups and I'm sure it'll be motivating to go our running with a group of people and not have the worries of being a lone female out running at night.


I started in January so dark mornings...l Ioved the fact there was no one else out there (save the odd dog walker) if you feel safe (all depends on where you run and I was happy out there at 5.30 am) carry on (I run on main roads) ..


I don't go on parks or canals when it's dark only in daylight, so I stick to main roads when it's dark then I feel a bit more safer, I don't know what it is about the dark and being out at 5am as I was out when it was light back in the summer months??

Psychological maybe?

Thanks for the replies by the way much appreciated.


I’ve found I actually prefer the dark runs. Not sure why - its cooler and I feel less self conscious maybe? But as long as you take basic safety precautions (And it sounds like you have) there’s no reason not to. I know what you mean about feeling less like it when its dark out, but I’m sure it’ll become habit very quickly. I mean it wasn’t all that long ago you weren’t feeling like running at all, but you’ve found the will to get off the coach so you can do this!


I know what you mean about the self conscious, I'm nothing like one of these fit looking runners you see every day ha ha, I'm the frumpy one that looks like I'm struggling ha ha.

I think I'm going to try and get back into the habit of morning runs again.


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