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Running in the evening

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I've recently finished C25K which I really enjoyed and I'm very keen to continue running however I'm finding myself with little motivation to do so now the nights are dark. I want to continue 3 nights a week which for me means 2 during the week after work but I need motivation to go back out and run in the dark after I've gotten in from work. I don't have time to run in the morning. Does anyone else have this problem and can suggest ways to stay motivated! Apologies for the long post!

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I quite like running in the dark as I feel hidden and more confident. But I like rain too so I’m a bit weird 🤣 You could join a club? Those ‘race at your pace’ medals are good motivation - you choose a number of miles you aim to run for in a month and get a medal on completion.

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PolkaDot88 in reply to Tasha99

Nighttime & Rain are my 2 fav times to run also 😂👍🏽

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Tasha99Graduate in reply to PolkaDot88

Don’t you just go running as soon as it rains 🤣

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PolkaDot88 in reply to Tasha99

While I’m out I think please rain!! 😂😂

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EilnbaiGraduate in reply to Tasha99

I have found I love running in the dark and the rain is sort of a distraction

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As Tasha99 says, Race at Your Pace is very good. I’ve done some bike ones, and I got quite competitive. Once I had chosen my goal, I definitely wanted to achieve it. And you can get a medal and a jersey!!!

Hey Sloth, I was dealing with this a month or so ago. I switched to lunchtime running twice a week. One run when I’m at the office, I could a lovely running route near me used by other runners and I can have a nice shower in the facilites in our building when I get back in. My second lunchtime run in the week is whilst I am working from Home so it’s done discreetly. I hope you can work something out. I am scared to go out in the dark

One trick is don’t sit down when you get home. Get changed straight away and just head out. It’s only about 30-40 minutes? And do make sure you have a good hi-vis top/jacket on. I wasn’t keen initially but found a well lit route. I saved the longer runs for the weekend. Good luck


Have all your running gear laid out ready so when you change out of your work clothes get straight into your running clobber & off you go! That’s what I do,it works for me 🙂 & then once I’m out there I tell myself I’m running for me & I'm enjoying it 😁 good music 🎶 🎧 and away I go.

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Could you incorporate your run into your commute at all?

We have planned a well lit route for the dark runs, for motivation our blood pressures are now at the low end of the normal range and 3 months ago we were a bit high

The other motivation is the three and a half inches that has gone from my waist

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Motivation shouldn't have to be linked with times and locations. The weather will never be ideal. Motivation is about why you're doing this thing, why you started it in the first place, what got you going. Rain, sun, dark, hot/cold/whatever are just sidekicks in the show, some good and some bad but never, ever should they be deciding factors linked with real motivation.

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful and offers advice on targets etc.

I can understand that! I will have to do this for the next few weeks as I’m working full time, whereas I usually finish at 1pm. I’ve decided to change my route (I’m only on week 2 - run 3 sometime today!) so that I’m on well lit and busier roads. I’m concerned that I won’t have the same energy at 6pm as I do at 2pm. However!!!!!! Don’t you give in to this now that you’ve 👩‍🎓 graduated. You’ve earned this badge and you should run with pride. Just get the trainers on and get out there. You’re an expert on your own body now and your body likes to run xx

Hi Slothrunner, I felt the same initially but now I love running in the dark as I feel invisible! Bought a load of hi viz clothing and chest torch to run on my own twice a week, and also joined my local club jog lanark, which I was very apprehensive about, but they are a fantastic bunch and I'm loving running in their company. I just try not to sit down once everything is done, but just get changed and get out there and enjoy!! 🏃‍♀️💕😁

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Hey, I can totally empathise! I live just outside a city and most of the roads in my village have no street lighting. I've bought a head torch and bright clothing, but so far I've managed to avoid a run in the dark, as I had a couple of days off work and ran in the day time. The dark will also limit the variety of routes I can do, but I keep reminding myself of how good I feel after a run and that's what inspires me to keep at it!

Thank you all for your super helpful and motivating comments. I really helps to know others feel the same way but have kept at it! I've got my running gear ready for when I get in from work and I will get straight back out and run! Thank you!!

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Yup...exactly the same. And working full time it'll be dark in the morning before long too so morning runs don't feel like they'd gain much.

I figured there's two options...get a head or body torch and run in the dark or join a gym!

Got a body torch last week and have done this week's runs straight after work. I don't give myself time to debate, I literally did a 5 min walk home from work, in the door, got changed and straight out...before I had time to talk myself out of it!

Looking forward to a run in the daylight on Sunday morning and hoping I can persevere with 3 runs all winter 😳

Good luck finding your reason to get yourself out the door 👍

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Slothrunner in reply to Run46

Thank you, I'm really determined to do it! Well done to you, sounds like you're doing great 😁

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Run46Graduate in reply to Slothrunner

Good luck finding something that suits you...we've got 4 months of it so have plenty of time to get used to it 😳😉👍

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