break over winter

so i did get to my 5k....the app broke while i was running a different app and managed to run for an hour, i think i did over 5 k.

however i have has a break over winter and desperate to get up and go running again.

i used to run between 4am and 5am in the morning, doing this now however is a challenge.

so i need motivation, i am unsure where that motivation comes from

but what i will tell you about couch to 5k as a weightloss tool its great.

i lost 3 stone between the months of may and september last year!!

over winter i have maintained that lost, but i want to lose another 4 stone by year end...

so i have to start running soon or this wont be achievable...

so guys what i need to ask you guys for is motivation, how do you get up in the morning and go for a run how do you "psyche" yourself up?


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7 Replies

  • I find somedays are worse than others but I read some of the posts on here, put on my togs and that's enough to get me out the house ;-) Once I'm out I think why not.

  • What constraints have you got? Working hours? Kids? If you're a morning person it's a bit tricky at the moment with the icy paths ... but people are still out there doing it!

  • Prior to starting c25k I stopped smoking and decided to try to get fit, I used to smoke first thing in the morning and if I was doing early shifts I would be smoking as early as 4.00am!!!!.

    Since stopping 7 months ago I replaced the smoking with getting instead of smoking first thing in the morning I did a run...the motivation came after I was able to run for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30+ minutes, I could feel and see the difference so that was my motivation, also comments from friends and family also helped.

    I must add that after I stopped smoking I did put on a few pounds but since C25K and graduating 2 months ago I have lost just under 2 stones!!! more motivation!!! I still have another stone to go so I have continued with 3+ runs a week.

    I know how difficult it is when you are in a warm bed and you can hear the wind howling, rain falling outside to get out of bed and go for a run but after a couple of runs you will be glad that you did it... If you are able to run for 1 hour you are doing great, no need for motivation you already have it.....

  • I was more or less the same , 30-40 a day before i stopped last feb , graduated in Nov and run 3 x times a week 5K+ now working upto 10K ,, I can physically see teh difference and so can everyone who knows me :D

    The way i see it is every step running is a step further away from smoking C25k and running is the best thing ever :D

  • Yep you are right Slow_Rob !!!! on the way back from my run this afternoon I passed a group of smokers outside a pub...the stench!!!!..... Oh So Glad I am a runner and not a smoker!!!

  • My next door smokes outside i can smell it a mile off !!! god we were mad smoking ,Right with you adidas being a runner now :D

  • :-D looking forward to the next run....will also be trying park run soon...

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