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W3R2 Another one ticked off

First run since the one done on Saturday, following which I'd celebrated my birthday with chinese food (lots), red wine (lots), vodka (lots), cake (lots) - you get the picture?? Anyhow I ran last night and felt great after it having spent Monday and yesterday feeling bloated and horrible. Yeah! another triumph for me - keeping this plan going despite the obsticles which will come my way. I'm really enjoying it :)

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:-) Happy belated birthday! We all face challenges sticking with the program but like you wrote, you still stuck with it. GREAT JOB! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle, just think come next birthday I'll be a Graduate too! Thanks again :)


Excellent, Leyther!! Enjoying the programs certainly makes it a bit more fun and something to look forward to!! That sounds like quite a birthday party that you had (lots)!! :-)

Happy Belated Birthday and Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks for the belated birthday wishes Steve :) Don't worry I ain't stopping now!


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