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Alcohol, cows and darkness - W5 R1

I spent most of this week actively avoiding any alcoholic drinks (quite unusual for me!)

Then I did W5 R1, which I was mostly dreading.

And it was fine. I might even say it was 'easy'. Probably the best run so far, in that it was challenging but achievable and I felt like I really got into my stride.

Correlation between no alcohol and ease of running?

Or just luck?

By the time I finished the run it was totally dark and I'd chosen my favourite route, which I soon realised has no light sources anywhere! I had a creepy encounter with a cow silhouetted against the night sky on top of a cliff - looked like it was going to jump off the edge on top of me and was staring at me rather creepily.

I've definitely not been sticking to doing 3 runs per week. But I'm happy with the way I'm progressing - if I only manage 2 runs per week then that's fine with me. I'll just do the third one next week and take my time getting to the ultimate 5k goal. I have Christmas in my head as a goal, which is longer than 9 weeks in total, but that's fine with me. Slow and steady will get me there, without stressing me out and putting me off doing it. As soon as anything becomes a chore it disappears off my radar!

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Well done Ange, on the run.... and keeping off the alcohol too!! It does dehydrate the body so it could very well have made it a better run for you as your body would have been better equipped. The dark and the cow sounds like scary stuff.....

Doing 2 runs a week is fine if that is best for you and as you say, you are more likely to keep at it and reach the end if it is something you can do without it becoming a burden or chore. Its not a race so just go at a steady pace thats suits you. Good luck for the rest of W5.


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