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An eventful afternoon run!

Set out to do week 3 run 3 of B210k this afternoon, took the car and parked up planning on running down a different road today, as Im getting so bored of my normal route! Planned on running halfway one way then turning around and returning to my car which I abandoned in a layby.

All was going well, passed my first mile with a 9 minute something time which pleased me so my speeed was good, at about the 2 mile mark I passed a house where I saw there was a dog, but continued to run past thinking he'd stay behind the hedge, no, he came running out at me, showing his teeth, snarling and growling, he actually chased me about 150 yards down the road - I've got quite alot of experience with dogs I can tell when they're just warning you off or going to go for you and I really thought it was going to bite my legs! SO I sped up and the dog finally left me alone but then i realised that I couldn't run back passed the dog that I'd just angered so! So i decided to run on, thought I knew roughly where I was, planning to come out onto a different road which might leave me about a mile from my car so that was acceptable, I was WRONG!

I ended up alot further out than I beleived I was, and instead of about 4.5 - 5 miles which it has been recently I ended up running 6.3 miles - actually reaching a 10k! I could have stopped when my podcast ended but I knew I was still far out from my car and just wanted to get home as I had to take my dog to the vet and didn't want to be late! So I ran as much as I could the way home, eventually stopping and walking the final 2 miles along a bit of a nasty main road, completely exhausted and vERY ACHEY!

My car has never been such a welcome sight! lol To an onlooker this all probably looked very funny! Anyway, the upside is, that I somehow managed to run 10k in 1 hour and 5 minutes, with about 4 odd minutes of walking inbetween when I reached some horrible hills or when I had my 1 minute interval walks. I can't beleive it! Just shows how much C25K has changed my mindset when it comes to exercise!

Hope you all have a fab weekend xxx

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I've had something similar happen to me! Dogs leaving their gardens and chasing me down the's just not funny!

To do 10k in this time is brilliant! Perhaps you should always have an imaginary dog running behind you ;)


Lol thank you! I should add the dog didn't chase me the whole 10k hehe ^_^


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