Graduation will have to wait.....hopefully not too long

Wk 7, knee trouble, got through that.

Wk 8 a bit of a struggle, taking extra rest days so not to injury knee further.

Wk9 r1 completed on treadmill, when migraine allowed.

Stomach upset delayed plans for run2

Start of a cold, decided to put run of till today and.....

Now have a chest infection, had to have nebuliser at surgery this morning and am thinking wk1 run1 would be out of the question at the moment.


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  • Get well soon. Hope you recover quickly.

  • Thanks. Feeling a bit better today, but no where near to returning to running just yet. Am hoping I will be up to something by the end of the week, and will just see how I go. If I have to go back a couple of weeks so be it.

  • Just take it easy until you are fit again to run and at least you have the right attitude that you will finish this! Get well soon.

  • Oh yes, I will get back into this! Not spent out on running shoes and different gear not to! j Hope to start again by the end of the week, which will be just over 2 weeks since last run.

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