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PB and finally as fast as three months ago

Two personal bests: 4:58 minutes for 1 km, and 8:41 for 1 mile. That's the highlights that Miss Garmin shows me from my tempo run yesterday. The total run was 5km in 28:40.

I'm very pleased with the sub-5-min for a km. That feels like quite a milestone for me. But I had to smile when the Garmin Connect dashboard suggested updating my PB for one mile at 8:41. The previous PB for one mile was the exact same time, and it was made when I set my PB for 5 km back in June (at 27:50 nearly a minute faster than yesterday).

So all the training over the last three months has resulted in me being able to run 1 mile just as fast as I could three months ago, and 5 km only a minute slower than I could 3 months ago. That doesn't sound like a lot of progress to me, but I know I'm stronger and fitter, so I choose to be pleased.

And the 4:58 for a km - yay, that one goes into the dashboard as something to be proud of :)

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Great running Tomas. PBs for mile and sub 5min k is excellent. Sometimes it's just about running, other times it's to better PBs or to race. I still marvel at all the new opportunities C25K brings

well done and you've a lot to feel chuffed about


Well done Tomas! Isn't it great to see the training paying off? Without even realising it you're taking a few seconds off here and there....

Great stuff! Enjoy your rest day now!


I'm just getting started with my Garmin and can't wait until I have a nice data collection to be looking at :) A minute doesn't sound long but in running terms that's HUGE! Congratulations!


Well,done Tomas! Impressive times there.


great work Tomas, thats a really good time for a 1k, you should definitely be pleased :)


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