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Wk1, run 2. I think I have been possessed by evil spirits!!

Just done my second voluntary run of my entire 43 years. In thick fog and drizzle. There was I, running along Hedleyhope Fell in my new Aldi hi-viz top. I'm sure the sheep were thinking I must be mad!

And this is the bit that makes me think I have been possessed - I actually enjoyed it. I, a lifelong loather of running, and scowler out of the car window at joggers - (to quote myself "you can't possibly tell me that they are enjoying themselves") enjoyed going out in pants weather and running.

And now I am in, damp and cold and rosy cheeked, and looking forward to a hot drink. Whilst perusing the yellow pages for an exorcist. Eek!

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Gosh, I know exactly what you mean. Just finished wk4 run1, got in and said to myself, "That was good" - then realised what I had just said and was absolutely horrified... not sure where it came from to be honest ;)


Blimey!! Sounds like I need to be careful about being possessed on my second run tonight!! Specially so close to Halloween!!!!........ :-/


Ha ha ha !!! Brilliant rfawag!!

How did you find it though really? Honestly??? Im sat here "working" and i swear, if I werent sitting down trying to look like im working, I would have to go and get some fresh air as Im coming over all sweaty and woozy just thinking about my second run tonight!!

Im glad to hear im not the only one in an Aldi hi viz vest too! I think when we Graduate we'll be in scruffy ripped t-shirts and pants with paint on them because we'll be old hats at this malarky!



I actually did enjoy it, and I must say that I must be fitter than I thought 'cos I havent struggled at all. I'm a size 16 so not small, but I do swim 150 lengths a day 5 days a week so I guess thats probably helped. But believe me, running has always been despised by me. I was the crappest in p.e. at school, and would twag it at every opportunity! The thought of running for half an hour makes me feel sick. I just can't see me being able to do that, but 1 minute is fine by me, lol.


One of my best friends from college is convinced I have been abducted by aliens and replaced by a robot - so amazed is she that I am not only running, but enjoying it and that I have kept it up since last February! Looks like the spaceship was around your way too! :-)


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