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What have I done to my poor feet?!

Back on the treadmill last night, for a change since I'm not working this week, I thought I'd walk to the gym. Wrapped up well for the cold night, in thick socks, jeans and boots, I shoved my trainers and gym gear into my bag.

And then, far too late, as I was getting changed, I realised I had made a mistake - I had brought my shorter cut-off jogging pants, but hadn't taken my little trainer socks... There's no way I'm going out there with my bright stripey winter socks on and short trousers!

So, do I head back home and get the right clothes? Do I make the best of it and try to roll/ fold my socks down so not to look too ridiculous?


Out I go, grinning and making the best of going sock-less.

Such a bad idea. Blister on right big-toe, and painful rubbed tender spots on inside of both left and right feet at toe joint. Left foot so badly rubbed on inside mid foot skin looks like raw and very sore to the touch (although thankfully skin not actually broken).

Still. At least I got my 25 minutes in. pfft. *rolls eyes at own self's idiocy*

In all likelihood will be a few days before my feet are recovered enough I want to risk pounding the treadmill again. But as with everything else, I've done damage, learned better of it and will definitely be wearing socks in future. :-)

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oooohhh boy you silly little_kay, if you had seen any of the socks that are worn at my gym your stripey ones would have won first prize for class A. Now you have to get your feet healed up cos they are the most important part of running. Treat them with loads of TLC for the next month and hope for the best that you haven't started a trend in blisters. The areas which are rubbed and blistered you could dab sergical spirit on, it nips like mad but does help keep any infection at bay and also hardens the delicate skin.


Delicate skin is too right! My feet - unfortunately, as it turns out - seem to be baby-soft.

oh dear - a month? I'd be ready to whack a blister plaster on tomorrow and go out if I could! But probably not best idea. Learn from experience I must, *yoda voice*


I didn't say don't run for a month I said lots of TLC for that time to make sure they are healed. Blister plasters would come under the banner of TLC and there are skin spray treatments out there now too. But while your skin is raw make sure its always kept clean and as dry as possible. I do hope they heal quickly for you. If there is a likely chance that the sore areas could get rubbed again cover them up to protect them.

Yikes this is a lesson for all runners, look after your feet cos they are more important to you now than ever before. Good luck little_kay


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