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W8R1 - lost in Denbies

Having had 3 days off i was kind of dreading this run. I've been putting it off all day, i'd eaten too much over the weekend, i'd not had much sleep last night, in summary i was expecting a disaster and so i can't be too surprised that's exactly what i got!!! I thought that i would try a 5K route knowing that i would quite happily walk the remainder of the route once laura had finished her bit as it was a lovely route around Denbies vineyard in Dorking. Having never been there before i was looking for a path to the left once i'd passed some buildings but in my eagerness i took the wrong path and ended up running across the vineyard doing a great Peppa pig impression jumping up and down in the big muddy puddles. Then i had to walk up a very steep incline before climbing over a barbed wire fence at the top of the hill. I had also very stupidly picked the time of day when all the school kids were leaving and although they were all very kind not to say anything i could tell what they must have been thinking about this lumbering great muddy mess stumbling past them!

Anyway i plotted the route on my return to the office and it was actually 5K still but it took me 45 minutes!!!

Heres hoping for a better attempt next time

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Well you chose a lovely place to get lost. :D

Well done on doing 5K.


Oh fittyboomboom that gave me a laugh! Well done on doing the 5K. Better luck next time :-)


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