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W8R1 went wrong!!!

Yesterday I was up early (as always on a run day) and set off for this run. I had planned a new route in my head, but it involved a path I had not run before. The terrain was a footpath, which was part of Raad ny Foillan, a coastal footpath, It is narrow in places and was rather more uphill than I had thought. I ran for 14 minutes before turning back for a short distance as I decided I would do better on a tarmac footpath. The first path off was incredibly steep and I ran out of breath. I thought my lungs would explode! I walked for about 2 minutes to recover. I then ran the rest of the time, and the warm down time, adding a 5 min cool down at the end. Lesson learned- Walk the routes before you try to run them!!!

When i am fitter I will try the path and run to the next exit. but that must be more than 5K

Should I repeat R1 or just move on to R2?

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Move on - hills count double in my books!! ;)

Does Foillan mean seagull?


Thanks- Thats what I thought too- Your Manx is good- Foilan is seagull (as in Herring Gull) Road of the gull- It is a coastal footpath.


Not sure about my Manx ;) nor about my bout my Irish ... it's -faoileán in Irish - :)


Close enough to Scots Gaelic!


Yes, Manx Gaelg appears to be a mix of Irish and Scots Gaelic with a few random phrases thrown in, but fluent speakers can understand each other well enough apparently.


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