Anyone else stuck on week 7?!

I've been trying to complete week 7 for 3 weeks now- I've managed the whole 25 mins a few times but never on 3 consecutive runs. I even tried week 8 hoping to break the omen but just can't seem to crack it. I do run the same route along the Thames Path each time as with a history of bad knees can't do tarmac and with time at a premium need to be able to just leave the house and start running but thought this might motivate me as I'd see that I was getting further each time.Any suggestions?


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13 Replies

  • You could try changing the music? Make your own playlist so that your pump-me-up songs come on after 19/20 minutes

  • Or perhaps vary your route? I find it really helps. If this is not possible can you do the same route backwards? (not running backwards, hehe :) )

  • The 25 minute runs Wk6r3 & Wk7 were the first failures I have had during the programme.

    My first attempt saw me stop for just a few paces after about 6 & 12 minutes - which really annoyed me, I successfully ran 25 minutes on my 2nd attempt, but stopped after 23 minutes on my 3rd run before managing it again on my 4th attempt.

    Like you - I had decided I needed to run 3 x successfully before moving on, however, I have had a rethink!!

    If I try 25 mins again & again fail, I think a mental block might set in - I am, therefore, going to move on & try Wk8's 28 mins today!!

    My thought are if I can do it that will be brilliant, but if I aim for 28 minutes and fall just short, hopefully I'll still manage the 25 minutes!!!

    Whether this cunning plan works, I'll have to wait & see!!!!

    (although it didn't seem to work for you!!0

    Good Luck on breaking through the barrier - you are putting in the miles & building the stamina & strength so it will happen


  • Yeah, me! I'm stuck too! Did 23 mins of wk6 r3 then 2 runs of 25 mins. I have tried twice to crack the 3rd 25 min run and haven't been able to! On one run only managed 5 mins, what's all that about?!! I have the 'mental block' now so I've decided to go back to week 6 r1 again to see if that helps. Fingers crossed it will work ;0)

  • My first "blip" (not fail!) was also W6R3 but then just continued on with W7R1 as it was still 25 mins and there were 3 more runs to try and achieve this and managed it. I personally think you should keep moving forward in the programme rather than keep going over and over a week otherwise you would get disheartened and frustrated.

    You say you have done it a couple of times so you are able to run the 25 mins, its not that you cant get anyway near it, so i would suggest you move on, aim for the 28 mins and you might be pleasantly surprised! I agree with spud that a mental block will just set in otherwise. Its better to run and stop short rather than not run at all......Good luck!

  • **** MY UPDATE ***

    Due to work commitments today I have just been for my run in the gym on a treadmill - I find this much easier as it is continually "flat" (although I did put on a 1% incline) and is much easier to find a consistant speed.

    I tried the Wk8 28 minute run and did it comfortably!!!

    I'm starting to think that if you are only just not achieving your target - push on, you might surprise yourself!!!

    I am also at last starting to believe I may well graduate through this programme - beaming now!!! :-)

  • Thanks so much. Glad it's not just me. Going to use the cross trainer today and try week 8 afresh on Thursday and hope I break the psychological block. I'm sure I will graduate but it may be a few weeks yet. I realise how far I've come though as 90 mins really was a struggle only a few weeks ago.

  • Thanks SBG356, I took your advise and aimed for 28 mins instead of 25 and managed 27.5 mins!! So glad I didn't go back to week 6! Thank you for your fab advise, I'm over the moon! :0)

  • Thanks SBG356, I took your advise and aimed for 28 mins instead of 25 and managed 27.5 mins!! So glad I didn't go back to week 6! Thank you for your fab advise, I'm over the moon! :0)

  • Thanks everyone. I hurdled my psychological barrier of exercising for 28 mins straight with a session on the x trainer on tuesday then followed this with a cold and a stomach bug so didn't run again til Monday and went straight in with week 8. I varied my warm up walk route and the very 1st section of my run and completed the 28 mins without too much difficulty. Another run tomorrow so hoping to power through again, but will push on through the weeks anyway now as I've proved to myself that I can do it.

  • Yup, I'm struggling with week 7 as well.

    Suppose I will just have to keep trying and try to push myself

  • Now had 2 successful week 8 runs so don't know why week 7 was such a struggle. Feel much more confident about running and seem to have more success in the mornings than the afternoons.

  • Hi yes I too am stuck I cant get past 20 minutes have been stuck at 20 mins for nearly a month so was encouraged to hear I am not alone although you have managed 25 minutes I started this app in October 2016 and still not graduated!!!

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