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Help! Stuck on week 3!!!!


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it so far but Week 3 run 3 is killing me - my legs feel really sore and heavy! Maybe I’m not stretching enough. Has anyone else had this or am I just really unfit?!

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You're not alone. It can be many things. Sometimes it is just your body adjusting. Mine keeps asking me what I am doing to it. Try week 4 carefully, perhaps using your rest day to do something that stretches your muscles. Keep an eye on your symptoms.

Thank you - I’m even thinking of repeating week 2 to get a bit of confidence back.


You may not have drunk enough, beforehand. I run in the morning and have a mug of coffee to wake up, a couple of glasses of water and a banana an hour to an hour and a half before I head out and an anti histamine at this time of year. Everyone is different but the water is the most important. Stretching afterwards is always a good idea, I feel it later if I skip any of it. It will get better!

joannaj88 in reply to JulesG1

Good advice, thank you. I definitely don’t drink enough. I’ll try your regime tomorrow morning!

I run a bath before I leave and get straight in when I get back,helps those tired muscles. A luxury I know but after a run we deserve it.


Slow down, first.... then... warm up really, really well.. and stretch after each and very run..these exercises work..

Make sure you are putting in non-impact exercise in on your rest days too..this is increasingly important as the runs get longer...

It takes time... and everything..not just the legs need to build up are doing fine:)

joannaj88 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you!

I struggled on week 4 on the 5 minutes run my calves felt really tight. I’ve found having a glass of water before running really helps and not over stretching.

3 litres of water a day. Especially the day before your run.

I've just completed week 3 run 3. On week 1 my muscles were sore and stiff. When I spoke to my class fit instructor who runs she said that I need to stretch before and after the run. I now stretch for 5 mins before and after and have noticed a difference. She showed me the stretch moves which includes calf and hamstring. You tube have some videos on how to stretch.

Thank you all. Your comments have really helped! Feeling a bit fluey today so hoping that that’s part of the problem. I definitely need to stretch more too. And drink more water!

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