Wk9 R1 - my first disaster, and a big time fail

Didn't even manage 1k before I ground to a halt as whole body fely like lead. Managed to get going again but only for 500m and then I gave up. Disappointed is not the word for it. Was all rather odd, just didn't feel the usual energy when I started and stragely enough I didn't even get into a sweat before the legs decided they just wouldn't go on.

Last week I did the three wk8 runs and all were ok, fun in fact, but after 3rd run I did have sore knees and thighs but that pain was gone today and didnt come back in run, I just ran out of energy and couldn't motivate myself to push on. I did spend 5 or so hours walking every day last week on holiday and had an overnight flight back from US Friday so maybe I was just pushing myself too hard, but annoyed anyway at the failure.

Will eat properly today - which I didn't do yesterday - and make sure I'm properly hydrated and mentally focussed tomorrow and will give it another go. Not going to be defeated again by lead like legs. Time for porridge and some chocolate me thinks.


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  • Did you not know the F word is banned on this site. You didn't fail as you got up and got out there and had a go. Sounds like you have had a busy time recently so could be that or just a bad run (unfortunatley we all have these occassionally)....i had 3 of those during w8!

    If I were you i'd give yourself an extra rest day before you go out again so truly rested and raring to go. Good luck and enjoy the chocolate!

  • You didn't fail you just had a bad run :-) Pat

  • Sometimes we all have to face a bad run. It sounds like you have reasons for today's run but remember it not a failure. I had my own bad run on a Monday (W6R1) but after much beating myself up I realised that I still made the effort and got off my backside. I now know that bad runs can come along at any time but when they do its still a win as its a bad run out of the way and enables me to move on :-)

    Good luck on your next run, I'm sure it will be much better

  • Not a fail just a blip and we have all had them......but I do know exactly how you feel and despite everyone telling you not to beat yourself up you still feel crap about it!

    Your body just didnt have the energy for this run and for good reason it sounds but I think what makes it so annoying for us is that our heads are geared up for it but our legs just dont deliver......

    Just enjoy your rest day and go for it again tomorrow; I'm at the same stage as you and am confident of seeing you at that finish line later this week!

  • Bad run is all. It's annoying because we obviously want good runs but you'll be back on form next time around.

  • Sounds like your body was really tired from being so busy and travelling. Put this one down to experience and maybe give yourself an extra rest day next time. We are all still learning about what our bodies can do after all, I'm sure you'll be back on it for the next run!

  • Thanks everyone for your sensible words of support. Feeling more confident to tackle the run again tomorrow and will build up my carbs today and maybe do a light step or spinning class to ease the leg muscles back into working.

  • Hope the run goes well.... I had a bit of a blip on that run, but got out there a couple of days later and completed it. Good luck :)

  • Thank you to everyone who supported me on this - I still didn't have the right mental approach to tackle it yesterday but I did it today. Nailed it and almost did the 5k too - ended at 4.76k and with only one lung collapsed :-)

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