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Run to the sun

Wow! What a difference the sun makes eh? So far it's been wind, rain, cloud, hail, sleet for me....having started at new year. Today was glorious and so lovely to have the sun on my face. So, it's week 8 for me, had a short delay due to ankle swelling which has gone completely I'm glad to say. I've also got Runkeeper (thanks for advice!) and it's interesting to see even small progression in pace etc. BUT I am only doing 3k in 28 minutes so I'm a way off 5k....!! All the advice is never mind that, focus on doing 30 minutes......? Right??? If so, beyond week 9, do I add 10% distance each week, to get to 5k? I need a plan or I fear I will lose my way :)

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Plan on keeping on running would be my advice.

There are plenty of plans out there to get you from 5k to 10k or to imporve your 5k speed and so on, but I would seriously suggest after graduating C25k just to take a few weeks consolidation. Keep running 3 days a week for half an hour. Add a fourth day if you can fit it in (you can), and simply enjoy it. Don't think about pace or pushing or anything, just enjoy the fact that you can run for 30 minutes whereas before you couldn't. And let your body get used to its new abilities.

Then after a few weeks, decide where you want to go next. You will probably find you have got a bit faster in that time without even trying.


Thanks that's great advice! It makes sense to me, I'm only just back to running every other day so it's a good idea to consolidate that and improve the 30 minutes after that. I really want to get to 5k distance and become a regular happy runner :)


Rignold's advice is spot on, you have done the hard bit keep it up and continue running, it's hard to run for 30 mins so feel proud of yourself. It's surprising how things progress, good luck and happy running. 😊


Thanks v much I definitely will 😃


Rignold is spot on, I would say the very same thing.

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