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Today is first "run" day that I am not running

Hi all,

This is my 3rd week of C25k - and am loving it BUT today is supposed to be run day (w3r2) and am just not wanting to go. Finished work late and still on way home and been feeling under the weather too. Feeling very guilty and disappointed I'm myself particularly as I always look forward to runs but not sure what happened today.


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Don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day. You obviously just need the rest tonight.


Doesn't hurt to have an extra rest day....always a good thing to listen to your body!


I agree with vikicats and AliB1. I did the same a couple of weeks ago. I usually always run on a Saturday but really didn't feel like it. I felt a little guilty initially but when I ran a few days later it went much better so was glad I'd had the extra rest.

Good luck for your next run. :-)


If you've been looking forward to it before rather than having to push yourself every time, this is probably just one of those days. There will be other times when you'll think you won't do it and you do.

One really useful tip I picked up is getting yourself togged up and on the doorstep/to wherever you'd run, and if you still really don't feel like it, that's the time to say today is not the day.

Bear in mind that some of us do the programme on the basis (all being well) of running every other day, whereas other people do it on a fixed 3 runs a week schedule with at least a day between each run, which means that plenty of people are having two consecutive non-running days.

Enjoy your next run.


Don't panic! There are some days when you just don't want to run. I agree with GoogleMe, though - get yourself dressed for running, stand outside the door and see how you feel then. But it really doesn't matter if you take an extra day off - you won't lose fitness and you won't lose motivation either. Good luck!


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