First Jantastic run today

I have been so lucky with the weather in most of my runs since starting this journey and today it has changed. Wet and windy but a balmy 8 deg. I've got wet before but this was a total drenching. My lightweight raincoat was great in that I had no idea I was soaked through until I took it off so although wet it had kept me warm enough not to notice. I did have to remove the hood after a while as I can't say I was enjoying the boil in the bag sensation! By the time I got home I swear my joggers were 2" longer than when I started too! Obviously not a photography day today so I left my DH in the warm and dry and pounded the local pavements. Managed to get out before the school kids but there was a lot of traffic around so was having to wait to cross the roads today. It was a slow run and nothing out of the ordinary but it was still good to get out and I have to say I enjoyed it :D


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11 Replies

  • there are fairly regularly folks telling how wonderful it is to run in the rain, but I'm not one of them. Given the choice, I would far rather run in nice, dry weather rather than either being cold and miserable or have that boil in the bag feeling (great expression!). Good for you to get out there, and I hope you feel good for it once you manage to get dry again ;)

  • Oh, I would definitely choose the dry, calm and not too hot/not too cold weather in preference but living where I do I'm surprised I haven't had to contend with more rain to be honest so it's good to know it shouldn't put me off ;) Nice and warm and dry now too :)

  • Yeeeees, I know there are runners who say they enjoy the nice cooling rain! But it's for the birds! Give me warm and dry every time! I was so amused by your "boil in the bag" description, Hilly! I've managed to mainly avoid the rain when I run, and will continue to do so. Well done on continuing to get out there, but pavements just aren't as nice as somewhere with a lovely view, eh? :)

  • Haha :D You've done well to avoid the rain but judging by the forecast we have days of this weather so I really had to bite the bullet today. Deffo prefer the nice views too :)

  • Boil in the bag. That's so funny hilbean. But well done for getting the run done.

  • It's nice to hear you enjoyed your run, even in the wet and windy conditions. I have to say I agree with everyone else, that your expression did bring a smile to my face. Well done on completing the run.

  • Perhaps the jogging pants didn't grow longer but you shrunk in the wet - it is a possibility! I love running in the rain - and just being in water really - my analyst says that I was probably a fish in an earlier life. What I don't like is strong winds - I am going to have a word with Mother (Nature) about this. Well done getting out there and enjoying it to boot :)

  • Haha. Good one Runon :D I don't think I'm any shorter.... yet ;) In a bygone life I used to swim every day so perhaps that's why I don't mind the rain so much too. I have a wonderful memory of learning to swim in an open air circular Roman bath, and I loved it when it rained.... cool rain and warm water to swim in :D

  • How wonderful were you a Roman in an earlier life :) And where was this bath - sounds brilliant - swimming in warm tropical rain is a delight :))

  • You never know ;) Sadly not tropical rain but the thermal waters of Bath in the heady days before they banned swimming in it! I loved it and only now realise how very lucky I was! :)

  • Ah those Roman Baths :) Total rotters - 2000 years of swimming tradition overseen by Sulis Minerva ended :( A good reason to take up running in the rain :)

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