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Week 7 run 2 - I kept on running again :-)

Was pouring with rain and blowing a gale when I woke up this morning and running was not the first thing on my mind. But on autopilot I put on running clothes, contemplated a running jacket and took the children to school.

Decided to stick with my plan of ditching the podcast, using nike plus for a time of 25 minutes and using my own music. I walked to the first song and then set off.

It rained on me. The wind blew at me. Decided to run through a wood (have run up to it but turned around at that point before) and felt I would find my way out the other side. I did and it got all squelchy. Undaunted, I kept going and kept on going. By 25 minutes I had gone about 2.5 miles so decided to keep on going until the magical 3.12 miles which happened at 28 min 15 seconds :-)

Felt quite tired by then so had a gentle walk back home again although then it really started to rain and so I sprinted the very last part. Am now starting to seriously think about doing a park run some time. Although saw the fastest time ever at my local one is a little out of my reach at 14 minutes or so (and was one of the Brownlee brothers of Olympic triathlon fame). How do people run that fast?

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Well done! It just shows how much you are motivated if you run in all weathers.

I am now at the same point as you, my W7 R2 will be tomorrow and I am now looking forward to it, also like you I have decided to ditch Laura (sorry love) and have created an itunes playlist to listen to for runs 2 & 3. I am using the abvio walkmeter (it also supports running, although they do a dedicated runmeter app) so will be setting a time and distance alarm just to prompt me.

I cannot believe I am now running almost 30minutes non stop, at the start of this year I would have bet a large amount of money that I would be incapable of achieving it, but here I am looking forward to every run and to be honest I felt pretty good after W7 R1 and could have gone a bit further without too much trouble.

It’s thanks to all the positive reviews on the C5K podcasts and the comments made on this blog that really spurned me into doing this, especially posts made by people who are of a similar age to me.

A big thanks to all


Wow! That's really good!

Re the squelchy feet: that can be quite nice, hot sweaty feet trapped in their trainers getting a nice cooling bath........

I'll get my coat...


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