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One more week to go !!

Finally completed W8, it's not been the runs I've found hard, more fitting them in now it is darker in the evenings. I've run round the track several times and am probably on 5K in 31mins mark which I'm pleased about.

I have entered my first 5K run on the 3rd Nov but work have changed my shift the day before from a day shift to a 2am finish on the day of the run which is frustrating as I will only be able to get a few hours sleep but least it will give me an official time on the board to beat when I attempt some park runs !!

W9 starts tomorrow ;-)

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I know how you feel - its a race to get them done before its gets too dark isnt it? I am trying to leave work that bit earlier for 2 nights this week and next week, which will be my final week, just to avoid having to start in the dark....Good job we are finishing before the clocks go back as there would be no hope of that then!

Your timing looks great and good luck for W9 - that green shiny badge is nearly yours for the taking! You will be a proud graduate running on 3rd Nov.....!


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