Couch to 5K

One more week to go!

I finished Week 8 this morning, and it was a good run. Sun was shining, air was crisp, and there were some nice muddy bits to run through :)

I found Week 7 such a mental battle, and am glad to report that Week 8 has been much friendlier to me :) I think this is partly because there's more feedback from Laura, and also partly just because I'm getting used to longer runs.

Recently when Laura encourages us to really give it loads for the last minute, I've sprinted for 20 seconds and then reverted to a crawl ... but today I gave it 100% (well, 90ish :) ) and realized that I am still getting fitter :)

I am really surprised at myself for getting this far, and can't wait to run again on Thursday and be able to say 'I ran for 30 minutes!' :)

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Glad you have felt an improvement in week 8, well done. I must admit ive done run 2 of Week 7 and havent really felt inclined or able to speed up for that last minute.

Look forward to hearing your 30 minute blog, are you on course for the 5k. Im hoping i will be ok as i ran 4.18 in 25 mins but didnt feel i had anything left so at least i have a few more runs to improve.

I do feel that i dont ever want to walk now so even when its hard i continue to drag my feet along, but as soon as i hear i only have a minute left, thats all my body allows me. I am hoping its just psychological and then when i move to 28 mins, i will be able to add another 3 minutes on but Laura says i have to.


Well done Chris!

Only 3 more runs till graduation.....week9 run1 my advice would be to start off quite slowly and see how you go...i deliberately left out any hills or slopes if i could, purely psychological trick, then when I'd proved to myself Iand the gremlin on my shoulder that I could run 30 minutes went for it a bit more runs 2 and 3,

Great stuff and good on ya! :)


Well done you! I'm at the same stage as you but not feeling quite as positive!! I start week 9 tonight and am looking forward to doing a new route and to try and actually reach the golden 5k mark, whether it includes my warm up and cool down or not! I'm tempted also to leave Laura at home (sorry Laura) and put some more inspiring music on to give me a boost...

I just can't believe that 2 or 3 months ago I couldn't run for 2 minutes never mind 28!


YIKES!!! In a moment of madness, I signed up for Park Run this weekend! So I'll hopefully complete W9R2 on my weekend away in London!!!


good luck chris with your park run. my daughter is on week 7 & wants to do one once she has finished the plan.

nearly finished :)


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