Thought my legs were better but obviously not

Went out again tonight after 6 days off due to pain in alert Achilles and due to compensating pain in other right knee. Though would be ok, however only did 20 mins of light running with no hills an in discomfort again. Not sure what to do as I love my running and don't want to stop for a bit an lose my fitness. Worked hard to get here :-(

Pain not as bad as last time thankfully



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9 Replies

  • Take another day or two's rest and try again. Ease back in gently. I didn't, after a week off due to knee, I found my first run back (20mins) quite a challenge, but then 2 days later (last Tuesday) I managed a 30 min run, but then I went mad and ran on Thursday and Saturday and have been hobbling around since. I'm seeing a physio on Thursday, so hopefully I'll find out how best to treat this knee.

  • Let us know the outcome, there must be things you can do to help it.

  • Might be worth seeing if you can sweet talk your gp into a podiatrist referral. Might be something straightforward that just needs a trained eye on?

    I have one coming up to see what's up with my perennially dodgy left foot/ankle. I live in mortal fear I might not be able to run :-O

  • I might well do, mine too is dodgy left foot / ankle ha ha. I will see how I go after a week or so. Thanks for the advice :-D

  • !!?///!!They daren't say that!

  • They better not, because I will anyway!

  • James, sorry to hear that you're struggling with an injury. Definitely needs a look at I'd say and some positive advice on how to move on, or it'll just get worse. Good luck x

  • It's worth splashing out on a visit to a sports physio, who will understand that you want to get back to running again. I hesitated to spend the money but it was worth every penny for the positive advice. It's taken a few weeks but I am now back to five mile runs, the hip niggles a bit but has improved a lot. I've had two visits at £30 each. Good luck !

  • Jimbob, take things easy, and rest then ease yourself back into runs. there was no way I could have run 20 mins after my ankle injury. So I started back with the podcasts and increased them from week 1 to week 9 in just over 3 weeks.

    Moved onto stamina podcast to help and today have just done 9km ( longest run ever).

    There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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