I know it's duration not distance/speed .... BUT

Hey Irish-John my determination was quite fun over the last few days - I completed my W4 runs yet again today, so onto W5 again soon. Last week I also joined a beginners group at a local running club to see what it's like running with a group. They are putting us all through a programme a bit like C25K with running coaches to urge us on: whether group runnning is for me I'll find out in due course, but it's a change! Back to the post title, though... I did a variant of my usual and used my local Parkrun 5K course, did my W4R3 to start and then did a repeat of my running club's week 1 to complete the 5K. I actually enjoyed it - well at least I didn't hate it!! - but the stopwatch and my gut feeling both say that my jogging is much slower than my walking. I think my stride length is much too short and I'm wasting a lot of effort plodding along and almost feel like I'm running on the spot sometimes. Without breaking the C25K rules too much, how do I get my stride length a bit more realistic? Sacrilege I know, but maybe that would speed my jogging up a bit?


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  • thanks for the link ... interesting, I'll do some testing and maybe get my personal trainer at the gym to slightly tweak my gym routine as well. It's annoying me that I can walk faster than I can "run"!!

  • Your welcome, worth a try..may even give it a go myself!

  • Increase your running cadence (not your stride length) to run faster. You'll hurt yourself if you try to increase your stride length.

    Try running with a metronome app on your phone to find your natural cadence. Once you know your steps-per-minute, you can then either run to the metronome with a slightly faster pace - say an extra 5-10 steps per minute, or find some running music tracks with the appropriate (slightly faster) BPM.

    The other sure-fire way to increase your speed is to run intervals.

    ... but don't try either until you've graduated ...

  • I'm using the podcasts because the app doesn't work well for me, so the music choice is what it is, even if I don't think much of it. I just find it infuriating that despite all the extra physical and (especially) mental effort it takes for me to jog I can walk more quickly .... and if I'm walking I can carry on for 10K at a time if I like. Anyway, on to week 5 again next (3rd time I've got that far) and try not to get distracted or disheartened. Thanks for the advice.

  • No, you wouldn't go and try and run in long stride's straight away! start running with short, quick strides,gradually increasing the length of your stride!

  • I am glad you are progressing David and even more so that you sound a lot happier with your achievements :)

    The only "rule" I know of in C25K is respecting the Rest Days to prevent injuries etc so not sure what others there could be? I guess the advice to only increase distance or whatever by no more than 10% might come close ?

    As to running technique - haven't the foggiest old boy! I shamble along for 38 minute 5ks and a 1:20 10k :)

    Rignold and some of the other knowledgeable Vets can certainly help you though ;)

    Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

  • Thanks - still a long way to go! I can walk a 5K Parkrun in under 50 mins with no problem at all, or else I can walk/jog it in 55 whilst struggling and using up loads more physical and mental energy ..... you've got to understand me a bit by now, so you'll understand when I say that to me it's bloody annoying!! Never mind, had a good (ish) week. Doing my next Parkrun this Saturday as my birthday treat to myself for my birthday on Sunday. Never thought I'd say something like that.

  • Best wishes and happy birthday​ for Saturday​!

  • You could just keep plodding away, like you my running was slower than walking when I started, around 10.45 per KM, with walking pace being around 10 mins. I gradually got faster, I'll never win any races, but I now run at around 7.30 per KM. You'll get faster too...

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