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Running with dog

I have a loyal and adoring miniature Schnauzer with a big heart and small brain who loves coming with me for runs. This is fine, but there are 2 problems, firstly I am out-growing the off-road tracks I can use and need to start road-running if I am to increase my distance and secondly when off the lead she can be a little over-excited when she meets other dogs, people, rabbits, leaves or just the wind blowing through her ears.

I'm thinking that the traditional short lead is probably the best bet as it would keep her under close control and not allow her to bring me to a sudden halt.

Anyone got any tips?

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My sister has run with her dogs on leads for years but earlier this year one of her dogs (usually very steady) ran across in front of her and Fran tripped and fractured her cheekbone! I

I tend to run with my dog off the lead whenever possible (usually drive to a handful of favourite running sites such as forest track, beach, canal paths).

On the few occasions I have had to run with Boy on a shorter lead it has amazed me that a 9kg terrier can stop a fully grown and very well padded woman in her tracks when he stops to scent/pee!

I actually prefer a slightly longer lead (just back from running round my village) so I can give him a little bit of leeway. I was very grateful for his help coming back up my hill!

I did look into buying cani-cross equipment (an extending lead that attaches to a special belt so your hands are free) but it is too pricey.

Take care and have fun.


I run with my dogs and I use a waist belt for me and harnesses for the dogs (the harness is very important so as not to hurt the dog) with a bungee lead in between, so leaving my hands free. There are various places that sell the belt/harness/bungee lead combination, You might want to do a bit of training so that she becomes a help to you while running, if you go to there are explanations of things, but I've taught mine left, right, on by - to go past interesting things like people and dogs, go! - for uphills and easy - for going downhill. See if there is a nice clicker class near you, or a good agility class as they do a lot of those things too, and you can use it for running as well as agility. I go out with my two on a splitter leash to the bungee - today they saw a squirrel, that helped my speed until they went past a tree on two different sides, phew, bit exciting! I think you will have to watch out a bit so as not to tread on her cos she's quite little. Mine are a bit easier as they're border collies so a bit bigger, but in the early days before they were trained I nearly trod on them a few times, once they get the idea though they love it and get good at it.


Sorry Deryn, I didn't see your answer as I was writing! I've trained my dogs to pee whilst running, it's quite funny, there's girl and boy they both do it now - but it stops that sudden interruption!


Lol, can you train me to pee while running?


I do run with my Saluki ( same family of greyhounds) and off course being a race dog I never run fast enough for her. However i will check with the veterinary before taking a miniature Schnauzer for long runs. My friend has a miniature Schnauzer and they are delicate dogs.


I run with a black labrador on a long lead, he is always ahead of me, not pulling but trotting along at a nice pace. I could not keep him on a short lead. He is clueless and would get in the way.


Thanks for all the responses. We're going for a Speed run tomorrow, so I'll try her on the lead for a little bit and see how we get on.


I bought a Trixie Waist Belt & Lead for under £20.00 on Amazon and it's fantastic!!! I had the same problem with my dog - off lead great, but difficult to run with him on the lead. The belt part has pockets for your bits and pieces and the lead part is elasticated/bungee, so there's no jerking between us and is great for hands-free dog running. My dog seemed to learn very quickly that this was different to his normal lead and falls quickly into his 'job' of trotting alongside.


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