Running with my dog...finding it hard with a lead, has anyone used one of the waist leads?

I need to keep him on a lead as he doesn't come back at the moment and will run after dogs, squirrels etc. So I only let him off when it is quiet or when I am walking with other dogs that he knows. When he is on the lead he keeps pace with me and doesn't tend to pull too much but I am just finding it hard work holding onto the lead as I run.


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9 Replies

  • I run with a dog and hold the lead too ,but alternate from one hand to the other. I could not use the waist lead as the dog is big and could pull me off my feet if he saw any pigeons or squirrels, he is not bothered by other dogs though.

  • Thank you - my dog is only small around 10K but he can pull when he wants to. Good idea about alternating the lead though, might be quite good to do in parkland rather than on the road when I am running to the park.

  • Try the Trixie Waist Belt & Lead on Amazon for about £20.00. I use one for the same reasons as you and it is fantastic! The belt part has pouches for your bits and pieces and the lead part is an elasticated bungee, so removes any jerks and pulls. It's definitely one of my best buys for running :)

  • Thank you - I have taken a look it looks great, as although he is good on the lead sometimes a smell takes him off the pace and pulls me a little, but the bungee looks like this will allow for this.

  • I foudn running while holding the lead quite uncomfortable at first, but now that the hound has got used to the fact that once we start running (OK, I run, he walks ever-so-slightly more briskly than usual...!), we don't stop or wander around, it's fine. I tend to just leave the loop over my wrist, and not actually hold on unless I'm needing to hold him particularly close for a moment.

    I've looked at the waist leads, but am worried that I'm more likely to fall over or hurt myself with oen of these; ours is a large beast (c. 35kg), so if he were to suddenly stop or swerve, he'd likely pull me right over!

  • I think that perhaps I need to go running with him on his second walk of the day when is less obsessed with sniffing every lamp post I run past. He is a lot smaller 10kgs so less likely to pull me over with a waist harness, but there are times he can exert some power pulls when he wants to.

  • I have the trixie belt too and it fantabulous! Is that a word? Very good, highly recommend it. Agnes loves it and the pockets are great too, enough for poo bags, phone, keys, and gloves!

  • Thanks - I have ordered it and see how I get on. I've not run with him the last two times as the pavements have been a bit icy so not wanted to add a dog into the mix as well :-)

  • Ooooh you should try paw wax then. Looks like one of those old fashioned tins of beeswax furniture polish. I just squish her paws into it before a run and it protects her little tootsies from the pavements and offers a bit more grip too.

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