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Sticking to a pace

After graduation I have been continuing with three runs a week. One as pace run. The other two increasing distance and or climb.

My problem is maintaining a pace typically I take off quickly and do the first 1 k in about 5 mins and then slow down in the middle (6 mins plus) and then speed up at the end and finish in 29 mins for a 5k.

I have tried endomondo app, but it only tells you at 1k intervals, is there a app that allows you set the time / distance for pace information?

BTW Scarily I have now started to run for fun. Laura has so much to answer for!

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I use a garmin, which gives you current pace, but I suppose it's a bit of an investment... (and I still set off too fast! ;-) )


If you have an iPhone, you can use the Nike+ Running app. You can break down the updated information into several categories.

I don't think this is available for Android phones though.


I use Runmeter app for iPhone - you can set target speeds / pace (min and max) for activities / intervals and it will give you a voice message if you run too fast or too slow. It definitely helped me when I went through a stage of setting off too quickly.

It has a host of other very useful features - the website provides good detail.


I use Map My Walk app on my iPhone. I think May My Run works in the same way. I currently have mine set to tell me every 5 minutes that pass so I know when I have run for 25 minutes (I'm on week 7).

It gives me time passed so far, distance, and how many minutes per mile I am going. I find it useful as I know how much time remains, and whether I am running at a reasonable/average pace. At the end of the run it tells me calories burned, distance covered, average speed etc.

I can also log into it online and check my recent workout and plan other routes, including the elevation (which I really do like to know!)


I use Runkeeper. You can set it to inform you of time, distance, pace etc and if you're really obsessed you can have it at 1min intervals! I tend to have mine set at 5mins. Its free! You can listen to your own music and set up interval coaching with time/distance etc. GPS seems to work fine for me in the forest too.


I've bought a few of the audiofuel mp3s. The songs are all created to a specific bpm and there are four beats per bar. You just stick to the beats, 1, 2, 3, 4., with you feet landing to eaxh beat. The faster the bpm the faster the run. I really like the music as well although im sure its not to everyones taste!


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