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Pace - treadmill vs outdoors


Hi all! For those that run both on the treadmill and outdoors, do you find that your pace is quicker outdoors?

I use Map My Run for outdoors and it tells me that my pace is much quicker outdoors than I seem to be able to go on a treadmill. I’m covering much more distance outdoors because of this. Does that sound right to you or is Map My Run giving me false hope?!

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Yes it does sound right , when you're on the treadmill the pace is fixed but when outdoors it's you who chooses the pace ☺


Mine varies both outside and on a treadmill. On the treadmill I alter it myself (mainly to get it over with, I get quicker as I go on) but my pace outdoors is VERY variable, depending on incline, how I feel, prevailing tailwinds...(seriously)

I probably run fastest up hills though to be honest. Dunno why.

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Yeah, obviously the pace changes during the run depending on incline. But I find I run quicker overall outside. If I tried to keep that pace up on a treadmill, I’m not sure I could?!

Map my Run will be giving you the correct info. The chances are the treadmill could be slowing you down because it's set at a fixed speed. Runners tend to get faster as they warm up, your treadmills set speed won't allow for that. Variation is key.


Yes I do - always find I have to work harder on the treadmill for the same distance/speed result.


Hi Hayz. I can run longer and quicker outside. 😀


I think that’s me too. I got to the end of the 28 mins and didn’t realize I’d got to the end. If I’m on a treadmill I seem to clock watch a bit!

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I swear there are 100 seconds in every treadmill minute. And it gets sooooooo 🥵 hot. I threatened the gym staff I would run in my bikin unless they turned up air conditioning 😂👙

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