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What to do with sore legs

I'm not finding the runs too taxing on my heart & lungs but my legs are getting sore. I do some stretching after each run. I stretch 4 muscles. Quads and hamstrings, calves & and the ones down the front of my shins. However since W2 R3 I've been hobbling a little during the day time. I won't stop the runs unless it gets unbearable but I also don't want to develop an injury that will stop my progress. Any suggestions ?

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No answers for you but that souns like me..i'm just about to start week 9 and i'm still getting aches and pains in my legs but not enough to stop me..


I can't help but I'd be interested in the answer, as I always have sore legs even on days I'm not running. Today (Tue) my legs hurt and my last running day was Sunday.

I also get a bit "hobbly" when I get up after having been sat for a long time (I am in my mid-30s and it makes me feel about twice as old!).


If the pain is around your hips or top part of your legs you could try doing a piriformis stretch too:

My physio showed me how to do it this way, but you can do it lying down too.

Generally, I think anything more than a niggle should be taken seriously, maybe give yourself an extra day between runs or if it's really acute see a sports doc/physio.

For general muscle aching a nice hot bath with some muscle relaxing stuff in it is nice, and for sore muscles arnica cream/gel can help too.

Here are the stretches you've been doing plus a few more, but not the piriformis one which according to my physio is important but often overlooked:



If its muscle or joint aches then arnica gel works wonders for me. It was recommended on this site and since using it morning and evening or after a run along with stretches it has really helped my aching thighs. Sitting all day at a desk doesnt help but I also try and incorporate some piriformis stretches like the one above at my desk to ease it during the day.

You do stretches which is good but maybe do them for longer? It cant be over-emphasised how important these are post run so spend a good 10+ minutes on them. Do you have the correct shoes for your gait? That could help ease the problem if not.

If you have pain though it might be something more serious so shouldnt be ignored as Mitts says above.


Hello I suffered from something similar sounding and I had it suggested I go for gate analysis, I found this a great help got fitted for a pair of trainers and touch wood havent suffered since. The place I went to offered gate analysis for £20 or free if you purchased trainers from the shop itself.


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