Lack of Motivation - Need help !!

Just joined the site and am finding all comments inspirational. I am now on Wk 2 and could not drag myself out of bed this morning for my run 2 so must go in the morning (also feel guilty) . Although the 2 glasses of wine I had didnt help so need to keep off the alcohol during the week !! After stopping smoking for only 3 weeks I guess im finding it harder than most, however I am already starting to feel so much healthier. Just need to keep going, but somehow I cannot see me ever running non stop for 5k but im not giving up yet


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  • Well done for making the effort to START this. If your finding it a strugle to get running in the morining why not try after work before your evening meal. Thats the time i go out and i lookforward to getting home and going for a run. I to am in giving up the fags and i feel 6 inches taller and my lungs are so much lighter i feel on top of the world some days Self confidence is so on the up and im only on WK3 R1 tomorrow god knows what ill feel like by WK9 but thats one of the things thats keeping me going the pure mental buzz. Stay with it YOU WILL RUN 5K PMA is all you need and theres plenty to be found on here Good luck

  • You can do it!!! Believe in yourself

  • small steps youve done alot already, just go tomorrow and dont beat yourself up if you dont go one day! i am just about to start week 8, but if i remember rightly i should have finished this week but there have been odd days ive missed with some excuse or another, so just keep going:)

  • Keep going CAN do this...... Keep posting your progress on the blog.

  • I think most of us felt like we'll never make it to running 5k non stop. It seems like such a huge thing to be able to do during the early weeks but we have somehow managed it and look back with wonder at how on earth we got there! Just stick to the program and you will get there! Some days are tougher than others and aches and pains are varying from week to week but hang in there! You can do it!

  • Reporting to this site will really help with the motivation to run because you won't feel that you're on your own.

    So let us know how you get on tomorrow...we're all ears!

  • As a former smoker,i know i invented a million 'good excuses' for not quitting. When i finally envisioned myself in 5, 10 years, i knew i did not want to be a wheezing, out of shape, out of breath older person. Quitting tobacco was the first step. I found being active and distracted was the key. This program is the icing on the cake, where i feel confident that by following it, i will reach another milestone. I only wish i had done it sooner, but at 56 my thought is "you're never too old to rock and roll," It IS time for a change.

  • Thanks guys for all your comments, it really helps. I did manage to do my Week 2 Run 3 this morning and it went surprisingly well and i was surprised at how much energy i did have. To be honest I could have carried on which is fab.... Next run is Saturday and im actually looking forward to it. Thanks again and i will keep posting.

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