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Week3, r1 - so much shorter!

Hi All - well did the first run for Week 3 this morning and was slightly apprehensive about the step-up to 3 minute runs. But all was fine and I didn't find it too difficult. What I did find a little frustrating though was that this was much shorter than Weeks 1 and 2. I'm sure we could have fitted in one more walk and run for 90 seconds!

I know that might sound a bit daft but I almost felt short-changed. I definately have the mind-set of how on earth can I go from 3 minutes to 30 minutes although I do have faith as so many others have managed it, so by knocking a good 3 minutes or so off this week feels a bit of a let-down.

Oh well - shouldn't moan I suppose. Looking forward to Wednesday's run. Hope I find it ok again. :)

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am about to attempt this now....!


Hello CatLoverSue - I'm back and I survived. I was also nervous about the 3 minute runs, I found it hard but do-able. The last minute my stride was pretty non-existant. I know 3 minutes may not seem much but I cannot believe that two weeks ago I couldn't run at all!! However I agree with you, it was short - I even made it home for Corrie!


Hi RN - glad you made it! It is amazing what the body (and mind) can achieve in just two weeks. Fingers crossed the body will hold out a few more weeks, eh! :)


I am just about to run my 3rd run of week 3 Catloversue, As far as my running is concerned, a lot of my problems with running in the past have been 'in the mind' I think that's why the Couch25K is so good for me. If I am thinking about having a little walk, then I know that Laura will be giving me my next instruction soon!! :-) I know that in the past I've been a really lazy runner but I am taking this much more serious because I want to see progression !! So far so good .


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