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Week3 started


So this afternoon I got going on Week 3. Can't quite believe I ran for 3 minutes....and did it twice :)

Is it me or does week 3 feel easier than week 2. Maybe it's everyone that feels like that.

Me and my running buddy have also signed up for a 5km to raise money for our local hospice. It's in about a month so won't be able to run the whole thing but we shall both give it a damn good go. Need something to aim for :)

Hope you're all doing ok?

Everyone on here seems to be a graduate so I'm sure my posts don't interest you at all so apologies if they're boring :))

Barbara x

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I am not a graduate !!I did week 3 run 1 yesterday.I enjoyed it...more worried about week 4 to be honest.

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Yay. We'll done you :))


You can do it !! I'm just about to start week 9. I remember very clearly my first week 1 run where I was practically jumping up and down cheering that I had managed to run for 60 seconds ! Trust in the programme and keep your pace slow and steady ! Good luck ! x

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Thanks girlyswot that's amazing. Week 9. Fantastic. Hope you have a good one xx


Oh, Barbara, how boring........another new runner starting out on one the most exciting personal journeys you can set yourself......... a runner who finds W3 easier than W2...yawn......a runner who has set themselves the challenge of running 5k in just a few weeks.................oh, is that boring!!!!

No it's not!!! We have all been there. We all know how important it is to be able to proudly report your progress through the programme and get an answer to that niggling question. We have all had highs and lows through running, but we are still near enough to those early days to actually celebrate with you as you grow into a fully fledged runner and change your life in the process.

Congratulations, you sound as if you are doing great, so keep us posted and keep on running, keep on smiling.

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Thank you so much. I was genuinely thinking no one will want to hear my waffle but it's nice to hear that you do! Thank you. I'm so shocked that I'm actually enjoying this and really wish I'd started it years ago.

Still, not to worry....hope I've got a few years in me yet.

Gave up smoking. Never thought I'd succeed....one major challenge over. Now at 2.5 years cigarette free. Now this is my next one. I don't like to do them too close together as you can see !!!!

Thanks for your encouragement. Will keep posting then. Just love to read all your stories too

Barbara xx


I was the same asked same question was given a graph by some nice person week 3 is shorter..a bit more running but considerable shorter ! Will look for the graph for you :)


This is the graph x docs.google.com/spreadsheet...


Thanks jzane. That's interesting. Still I've done 2 lots of 3 minutes and 2 lots of 90 seconds totalling 9 mins which makes me very chuffed


Just because we have graduated pls don't think that we are all super toned athletes! I am a prime example of a slow plodder who gave up smoking a few years ago and followed the program step by step and succeeded.

There is a huge selection of shapes/sizes/ages who are running to complete this program and great thing is we are all here to support one another. I think we all recall the battles that we had with the early weeks... I am still amazed at being able to go from one week to another.

You should be very proud of where you are today, you're doing great :-)


Oh bless your little cotton socks Barbara :-) Don't worry, we all started exactly the same as you.

The most I ever ran before this was to the shops to get some fags before it closed ! I stopped 2 years ago and along with this, they are the two best decisions I ever made !

This programme really works, I want to shout out from the rooftops ! It is life changing, really.

Trust in the programme and Laura, take the rest days, and do the cool down stretches. Slow and steady is the way, no worrying about speed or distance, you are getting out there and doing it and that is the main thing :-)

Keep posting, it really helps, and if you have any questions or anything youre not sure about , don't be afraid to ask.

The support on here is amazing, it really is, so keep posting of your progress. Good Luck Barbara , we are all rootin' for you ! :-) xxx


Can I just pop my head above the parapet and suggest that week 3 might be getting a teensy bit easier because you're getting a teensy bit fitter ? I happens to the all of us in the end....


well done on your progress so far :) a great incentive for you to run a 5K for such a great cause :D

We all started at the same place week1 run1 :D i posted after every run no one complained :) everyone was so supportive and always encouraging and gave good advise :D

So keep posting, keep running :D :D


Not boring at all! As everyone has said, we all began from the seeds of those early weeks.. and blossomed to graduation.

It's a great journey - and that's every step - and to share it is great for us all.

Keep up the good work and just enjoy.

:-) xx


Thanks so very much to you all for posting such lovely comments and being so encouraging. When I stopped smoking I don't think I could have done it without the No Smoking Forum and my daily pledges!!

I have started running slower on the last couple as I was having shin pain...and taking shorter steps. That's really helped. Also doing the stretches which I didn't do at first.

Each day I come on here I read another helpful tip so it's great.

I haven't worked out when I will graduate, note when not if.....arghhhhhhh. Think it'll be around Christmas or just after.

My friend is going to Spain on Thursday and the running gear is going too!! We are off to Cornwall for a few days in December and we are doing it on the beach with our Labradors...can't wait!!

Cheers everyone. Will try and keep positive and happy :))

Barbara xx


Every one of us here started at the beginning, with week 1, and got advice and encouragement from the more advanced runners. We all remember how it was, some weeks were a triumph, some less so..guess what? Soon it will be YOU who is helping the newer runners...best of luck with your journey, keep us posted xx


Well done, great feeling isn't it :) From one newbie to another ;)

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