Graduated, now repeating!

Started my first post C25k run today. With my brand new Asic Gel 1170 trainers for over pronators like me.

Well, i had a touch of sonic the hedgehog about me today. I am over the moon at being able to run non stop for thirty minutes. But I want to be able to run further in those thirty minutes.

My c25k programme has been based on my warm up walk being 4.5kmph my run being 7kmph and my cool down being 5kmph.

What i really really want is to be able to do the 5k in the thirty minutes. At my size, a tough asking (260 something lbs... 261 first thing this morning).

I know i can manage the 10kph speed for a minute at a time, i did it at the end of one of my thirty minute runs.

So, today, in my new shoes, at my new gym i did the c25k week 1 run 1, a 5kmph walking speed for warm up and interval and an 11kph running speed.

Well, all you people on week 1, i kind of forgot just how hard those intervals are. It seemed as hard to do this run as it did my very first ten weeks ago.

But i did it, by the eighth interval though i was pretty exhausted. I felt a real sense of completion though. With intervals i ran for a total of eight minutes at 11kph. A massive increase over 7kph.

Repeat this twice, and move onto week 2.


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  • Great way to increase speed. Don't know how slowly I 'run' but will follow your example when I graduate.

  • An inspiring insight... well done to you. 11kph is pretty good going for the intervals and will definitely bring up your speed over time. Don't forget it will take some time to make the changes you are after, but you certainly have the determination and energy to do it! It took me a couple of months post graduation to realise that intervals was a really valid (and fun) part of increasing my fitness so you are one up on me!

  • they are *hard* though.... At the end of the session i felt just as tired at the original start to c25k...

    I dont think i will be able to maintain the 11kph into the longer runs, but i never thought i could run at any speed for thirty minutes. Lets see how it goes.

    I would rather do a good 5k then a 10k. I just dont like the long boring nature of it!!! I will be ecstatic though if i can get close to that 5k in 30 minutes.

    My legs are sore!!!

  • Hey great minds think alike, that what am planning to do this friday, as I can run for 35-40 minutes, but want to increase the speed a bit.

  • Interesting - after my 'fail' this morning maybe I'll try this instead. Are you planning on doing it exactly the same as before ie: repeat each run 3 times or will you work through them more quickly?

  • I think i'll take it as it comes. The plan is to do the whole thing exactly the same. The ratcheting up of effort for each week was spot on the first time round.

    Doing the faster speed today really took it out of me, in precisely the same way the first week did last time. I am finishing each minute and thinking, how on earth can i manage a minute and a half next week!!

    Deja vu!!!!

    If 11kph is to difficult for me (i thought it might be today) i can just drop it down to 10kph or 9kph.

    Its 10kph for thirty minutes that i'm aiming for. I can shuffle for thirty minutes. Now i want to be able to run it!!!!

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