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End of Week 1 c25k do over to improve speed

I'm probably repeating myself a bit here.. Completed C25K a couple of weeks ago or so, but at a very slow speed of 7kph. Have wanted to speed myself up. Decided to do week 1 again, but at the end add on a thirty minute run.

Well, week 1 + 30 min run completed, did have a few days pause though for my sore heels to soften up a bit, which they have.

What have i found out? Jumping from jogging 7kph for thirty minutes to 11 - 11.5 kph for week one intervals is really hard. A lot more pressure is put on your feet, ankles and knees at those speeds. I completed day 1, day 2, but day 3 was a toughie, by the time i got to the fifth interval (of eight) i dropped my running speeds down to 9.5kph. I did do my cool down walk at a 3.5% interval and 5.5kmph though.

So the purpose of this effort was to raise my speed for the thirty minute runs. I did two things differently on my thirty minute run. I took the incline from 0% to 1% and I increased the speed from 7kph to 7.5kph. I was able to feel the burn from the very modest incline increase!

Wow, it was tough, i didnt think i would make it. At around fifteen minutes in had to drop the pace back down to 7kph and 0% incline. I did that for five minutes and I felt i was able to push a bit harder again, so notched it back up to 1% and 7.5kph to the finish.

We have a speed improvement!!! Roll on week 2. :)

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This is such a great idea! I want to improve my speed and time but wasn't sure how. Thanks for the suggestion. :) I think I'll give this a try once a week to see if it makes a difference in my time.


I need a garmin so I can track my pace better! Using the iPhone at the moment and whilst ok for full run tracking its not much use to do like you're doing. Will stick to speed sessions at run club till a garmin falls from the sky ;)


'like' - we should all have a Garmin just because, one day i may get to own one :( watch out for down pours of garmins from the sky above :)

....Gazter great running/training, nice to see your hard work is paying off.


3 months ago I didn't even know what a Garmin was and now I can't see how I'm meant to go on without one! :)


It's akin to the strange attraction for sporty type running clothes and running mags... all very weird but exciting too


Whilst out and about, have you started eyeing up new places to run in those really nice sports clothes you were window shopping, whilst on your way to pick up runners monthly?


yes and I now chat about 'last time i came down here was on my long run or when i did intervals round here ........ New trainers required at 500 miles . . . . . . . . never ending madness, fit but mad :)


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