The Not So Elusive 5K in 30min!

The Not So Elusive 5K in 30min!

After graduating a few weeks back, doing the speed podcast once or twice, and doing week one of B210K... I've only gone and done it! 5K in 30 minutes :-o :)

But, a word of caution for all those recent graduates or week 9'ers trying to do 5k in 30mins - it was a horrible run...! I ran far too fast for the first 15mins and had to slow right down for the last 15 in order to finish at all! By the end of the run I felt exhausted rather than elated. Much better I'd say, to just slow down and have a good run. Crossing the "finish line" feeling good will do more for your health and fitness than running beyond your abilities and tiring yourself out.


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  • I've not graduated yet, I did run 1 of week 7 this morning. But I'm certain that you are right. I think it's best to start off slow and steady and gradually increase the pace towards the end if you feel up to it. I always feel better at the end of the run than the beggining. It's strange, the first 4 minutes I'm always thinking, crikey this is going to be difficult, another 20 minutes ..... Then towards the end when Laura says only another 5 minutes then I'm more than ready to up the pace. Then the last minute, I give it a bit more. At the end I still feel I could carry on a bit longer if I slowed down a bit, but I don't, I follow Laura's instructions to the letter !

    I'm 51, and havnt done any running since leaving school (even at school grudgingly!), so I dont want to risk having to stop through injury, so Laura's the boss ;O)

  • Sounds like you're making great progress and reaching graduation should be a breeze for you! Definitely better to start slow and speed up late if you're up to it too, I completely agree. Looking forward to seeing your graduation post in a couple of weeks - best of luck to you :)

  • Thanks. A breeze you say. Ummm not sure about that at all :) but achievable, I cetainly believe that now :) And all thanks to the wonderful Laura, and the extraordinary C25K plan. I'm going to really miss Laura. Think I'm going to have to repeat Week 9 a few times after graduation just to get my encouragement fix ;)

    I've already downloaded the C25K+ podcasts ready for when the C25K is done and I feel up to trying the next step :)

  • Absolutely! When I was nearing the end of the C25K I didn't often speed up towards the end or feel like I could keep on going so if you are feeling that way regularly then I don't expect it will be long before you're overtaking me ;)

  • Well done you!!!... I know it's tough but it's those times when you really make progress on your running... By embracing the pain and fighting your body ( which is saying no), you will come to love the strength it offers you in return... Happy panthering

  • Thanks for the advice juicyju! That makes me feel better about not enjoying my run. I'm looking forward to the day when I can go out and run a 5k without even thinking about it :)

  • And yes... Starting off slowly and building up speed is definitely the best way....

  • Wow that is impressive. You should feel proud only graduating a few weeks ago and running 5km in 30!

  • thanks! I had never thought me running could ever be described as "impressive" so I am proud that you used that word :D

  • Very wise words there. You did fantastically well to do your 30min 5k but, as you say, better to finish more slowly and enjoy the run. You're obviously naturally quick, so I reckon with a bit more training and a few more miles on your shoes, you'll be capable of doing it more comfortably in the future, if you choose to. :)

  • Thanks AncientMum :). Watch this space!

  • Well done on 2 counts - firstly for the impressive 5km/30minute run, and secondly for getting out at 7.45am on a Sunday morning! It is so easy to go off too fast - I do this at Park Run every week - but better to start slowly and steadily and leave something in the tank for a fast 4th & 5th kilometre. Do continue to enjoy your running.

  • Ah, yes well... I wouldn't normally get up so early for a weekend run, but I had a family lunch planned for Sunday so I forced myself to get up early so I could fit it all in. However I will say that I actually quite enjoyed it, as the area where I run is usually full of other runners, cyclists, dog walkers etc but at that time it was lovely and peaceful. As an added bonus there was no one else around to overtake me ;)

    I've also realised my problem of running too fast at the start comes from having completed a run before - where I think to myself "I've done this already, it will be easy". By contrast if it's a new run/challenge then I think to myself "uh-oh this will be hard, better take it slow". So at least now I know what to watch out for!

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