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And now the end is near... Sinatra style!

I finished W8R2 today and I feel great! I felt I could go on, so next week shouldn't be too difficult. I seriously can't believe that I have progressed so much.

From running one minute wondering, is it over yet, is it over yet, is it over yet? to running 28 minutes and feeling OK.

I definitely did it my way, redid runs, had to stop for minor surgery ( the time when the only question I asked the doctor was "Will I be able to run?" making him shake his head as if I was mad).

I ran at the beach on sand and them swam (the best run), ran at the park feeling really self-conscious and I ran at the park feeling like a super athlete (raising my hands in glory at the imaginary finish line).

Here's to the ones who are approaching the end and did it their way!

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Its a brilliant feeling isnt it Kitcherella and well done on your journey so far! The end is definetly near and in those other imortal lyrics of Sinatra - we can have high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes that we are going to finish this and graduate very soon!!

I start W8 this week and hope I feel as good as you......Good luck!


Well done Kitcherella, I have my final run of week 8 tonight and I can't believe how far I've come with this. Good luck for the final 4 runs before graduation, looking forward to seeing us all with our shiny green graduation badges. Time to start thinking about the T-shirts properly methinks :)


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