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Near the end but struggling :(

So this morning I went out for W9R1 having taken on board advice from the forum yesterday.

This is how it went:

First 10 mins were awful as expected but everyone seems to feel this is the toughest part of the run.

10 - 20 mins were awful with other runners passing me with what seemed like no effort at all and even a lady walking in the distance who I didn't think I was going to catch (I did eventually!)

20 - 30 mins were awful with me really panting and puffing and I could feel my face getting more purple by the second. I was relieved to see an ambulance parked up en-route as I really felt I might need a lift!

Staggered home at the end of my 30 mins utterly exhausted and commented to Hubby that I feel as though once I've graduated I will give up running and move on to something else as I'm just not enjoying it :(

Where's that 'runners high' or 'big smile on my face' or 'great sense of achievement' that I read about on here? Maybe I'm just not cut out for it....

I will graduate due to me being a stubborn git but this was not just a bad run. I keep picking myself up ready for the next run but I'm simply not enjoying it. Please can someone tell me I'm just being dramatic and will love running SOON??

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I love the fact you say your stubborn and that's why you will get to grauduate.

I am still struggling too, 2 weeks after graduating, however I love going out for the runs, its just like you I find them really hard, but I suppose its not meant to be day maybe it will.


I graduated last year and still feel like that! And as mentioned in one of the other blogs, I hav'nt lost weight either so what's the point?

Well, people who havn't seen me in a while comment how well I am looking, I am more toned, sleeping better, drinking less, eating better, really really less stressed and have just ordered a bike so I can cycle when I don't run, While I don't enjoy it, I get a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. I know it's doing me good now and longterm, it's timeout, it's flexible, it works. If I don't do it, it's nobody's fault but mine. I have finally taken ownership of my health and fitness at 52.

I'll never run a marathon, i would like to do a 10k and some day sooner I'll try a Parkrun but I'll be struggling, redfaced, sweaty and hating most minutes of it and very proud of myself.


I agree entirely with what Avensis says. I've had a bad week and haven't run since last Friday - I was looking forward to running yesterday morning but woke up with a sore throat and my boss, a keen runner, has always told me never to run with a sore throat so I did the sensible thing and took his advice. Not running is getting me down a bit because I almost always feel better after a run. That doesn't mean I don't have bad runs where I really struggle. I enjoyed my graduation run, then had a really enjoyable long run a few days later. My two runs after that were really difficult - but I could still feel I'd achieved something I wouldn't have been able to do 10 weeks ago.

Motivation after graduating can be tricky but I also think weeks 8 and 9 are quite challenging because they are very repetitive - I kept altering my route to keep it more interesting. I think adding a bit of variety might be helpful once you have graduated. It would be a shame if you gave up as soon as you've graduated - perhaps play around with different routes or types of training. Perhaps there's a local running group you could join - I think many of them cater for a variety of levels. I've finally made the decision to join a local club here - they do beginners courses but they also have a Tuesday night session where they concentrate on structured training such as hill work/fartlek/timed relays or handicap races so that all levels can join in.

I'm thinking of doing an intervals run once a week, probably using the week 1 podcast to run fast, then recovery jog, instead of the jog/walk/jog; a nice long run on a scenic route on my own once a week or possibly once a fortnight, depending on how long it is; whatever the club do on a Tuesday evening and a Saturday with the free local beginners/improvers group. I'm hoping that a mixture of time alone running and more "social" running, plus mixing the type of running will keep it fun as well as challenging me to improve.

I'm sure you've noticed other benefits to running so I hope you find some enjoyment and satisfaction in it too. :-)


Your at the same stage as I am, I did W9R1 this morning and was dreading it cos I had walked it yesterday. The route is my local ParkRun route. Never having done it before I didn't know what sort of time to expect but it was a brilliant time the best I've ever managed. So try changing your route, try and make it a flat one where you aren't too challenged by nasty ups. Don't give up after your graduation, you have put so much into becoming a runner it would be such a shame. You will have bad runs, we all do, although some say there is no such thing as a bad run, if you've finished it, its GOOD, you maybe didn't enjoy it quite as much.

I now confess that I have stopped listening to the lovely Laura, I now listen to my own music, which I have also found a great big boost.

Good luck for run 2, are you planning on doing it Tuesday? I'll watch out for your blog to see how you have got on. Good luck MamaG.


I'm not as far as you yet, but even though you didn't feel good you kept going for 30minutes. That in itself is a great achievement! Best of luck to you :)


If you've not enjoyed it in the whole 9 weeks I suspect you might never enjoy it. I think you are amazing for keeping going to the end. Does your husband run,if not, would he? If not do you own a bike? That might be a lot more fun for you. There are so many choices for exercising that there must be something out there that would make you smile. I wouldn't put running at the very top of my favourite things to do list but I do enjoy it. Good luck for your final runs. :)


Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments. As usual it helps loads to get feedback and different opinions.

Now i've got my breath back i'm feeling a bit better about it and have decided to give it at least another month - if i'm still not enjoying it then i'll have another think.

I used to swim a lot when I was a teenager but have never tried cycling apart from at the gym but already my head is thinking.......dare I say it........triathlon??!!

@Oldgirl - my next run will be Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how things go (I have twin toddlers and some days I am just done in!) but I will be sure to blog afterwards. Hopefully something more uplifting than todays whinge!

@sfb350 - I remember your blog about your lovely long run and how much you enjoyed it. I'd really like a similar experience!!


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