is brilliant

It does actually give you the exact mileage for a run (I don't have a Garmin or similar device), but this site allows you to map the run wherever you run, not just on roads; you can go across fields, and golf courses, down paths and trails and round parks. It also has a great nutrition section and it tells you how many calories you can have a day and works out how many calories you've burned according to your activity. It also maps all sorts of other activity, including lawn-mowing etc! It also builds up a database of your distances, times, time per kilometre etc and graphs it all. The ads are a bit annoying, but are easily ignored. A great site which I'm sure does all sorts of other technical stuff - I've probably only scratched the surface - but very useful.


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  • Yeah it's great isn't it! I love it and would be lost without it. Now I have graduated the mapmyrun bot is the new Laura, guiding me on my progress!

    It also really helped re-motivate me in later weeks when I felt I wasn't seeing progress. Looking at the graphs, ave pace, splits etc showed me I really was!

  • Use it every time I come back from a run and have found it really useful too.

    I once used the app on my on my phone too and it recorded accurately.

  • I use walk4life which is free and no ads and very simple (though I could wish it had 21st century measurements, still in miles) On the website (but not the app) they have the proper OS Explorer maps.

  • Ooh, I'll have to have a look at that for our long Sunday dogwalks. Thanks.

  • I use MapMyRun app on my Android phone - it almost always works perfectly & tracks my run. It is great to keep monitoring progress on distance / time etc

  • Hi Vivwestie, I use They have an app for android so I have it running with me and then it syncs my run to their website where I can make comparisons. I've got the free version on my 'phone and there are no ads. But I'm going to look up your mapmyrun too :-)

  • Thanks, Psarapsych - I'll look at that one too. Although I don't have an android or iphone, just a very old itouch that won't load any new apps :-(.

  • Yes, but..... I also use MapMyRun and agree that it's really good. I use the app on my newly acquired smartphone (Blackberry) and I think it's excellent, not least because it synchonises automatically with my MapMyRun account on my laptop at home, and shows a map of where I've run. But I've noticed an odd thing about distance - the phone app and the laptop map show different distances for the same run. Yesterday I ran 10.26 Km, according to the phone, but the laptop map, for the same run, showed 10.13Km. This isn't the first time this has happened and it's not a big discrepancy, true, but I can't help thinking they should be identical.

    Anyone else had this issue?

  • Yes I have. One run came out 2k more and when I looked at the map the route was zig-zagging all over the place. That's when I gave in a bought a Gaming. Still use Mapmyrun though. It's great for keeping up the incentive. I was told my Android used mobile masts obviously but less accurate in country areas....better in the town.

  • Oops should read Garmin!

  • Until I treat myself to a GPS watch upon graduation I am using mapmyrun too and love it! I map my runs when I get back like burstcouch and look forward to seeing how far and fast I went. I also use it to map a route in advance and to work out a 5k route for when I get to week 9 and the 30 min runs.

  • I love mapmyrun couldn't do my runs without it it's so nice to know how on track you are with time, speed etc :)

  • thanks for the mapmyrun recommendation, I've just lost my whole morning :-D It looks really good!

  • Yes, it is a bit addictive - as meggyann said it's great to see all the info in one place and how on track you are.

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