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Making my way through C25k after years of no exercise. Yesterday was W6R3 and the best moment of exercise that I can actually remember.

Such a feeling of wellness towards the end when for some reason I still had a bit in the tank and could push for the last couple of minutes. Was it the sun, the music, the sense of achievement, the endorphins, maybe a bit of everything. Left me grinning from ear to ear at the end like a garden gnome!!! Albeit a pretty out of breath one :) I think I get why you can get hooked on this.

Wanted to say that I have been reading the stuff on this forum and found it incredibly supportive and encouraging. It is literally fantastic to come to a part of the Internet where people are egging each other on and being awesome to each other. Thanks to all who are so encouraging.

Fair play to everyone getting out there and good luck with your next run.

Maybe see you somewhere on the Bristol downs :)

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I genuinely think the forum plays a huge part in getting us through the programme, there is always somebody who had a similar experience but has pushed through it, plenty if encouragement and goid humoured banter, I have never run with another actual person but do feel like my forum buddies are metaphorically alongside me, helping me along

Too right. Invaluable.

Well done Jonathan, Wk6 R3 and you hit the running zone by the sound if it!

Fab run and now you know you will run for 30 minutes in a few weeks! 😎

It is a great program that builds stamina, confidence and ability and becomes very addictive 😉....

Onwards and upwards...Good luck with Wk7 as you ease into these longer runs..nice and steady.😊x

Awesome, thanks. Genuinely excited about gradually building it up :)

Hi Jonathan and welcome to the family. ☺️


This is a special corner of the Interweb............


I couldn’t have made it through the programme without the support of everyone here and a common experience builds bonds between people who may never even meet.

Well done with the runs done, good luck with the ones to come, and lean on us when you need to.

Jonathan1B in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay66, will do :)


This place. This place got me to graduation. This place has given me new friends ... who, sadly, I will probably never meet. This is the place to come for support, encouragement & friendship. It’s a safe, wonderful place where you are very welcome.

Well done on getting this far and having such an amazing run. Sounds like you are in the zone. Good luck with all your future runs. Remember, slow, steady & enjoy 👍😁


...Well done on your w6 ..It's an amazing forum ..So rare to find ...Welcome ..😊😊

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