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Increasing pace post-graduation?

Well I never thought it would happen but here I am potentially just 4 runs from becoming a C25K Graduate.

I'm running pretty slowly 'cos I was worse than unfit so I'm just focused on getting to the 30 minute mark at the moment. I'm starting to feel that I could go faster but don't want to jeopardise the progress I'm making.

However, post graduation I really want to start working towards achieving the 5k and was wondering if any of you have any tips / experience in doing this.

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it's a good idea to focus on keeping going for 30+ minutes before worrying about speed- after all, you're in this for the long-term! Afterwards you will find the 5k+ podcasts useful for increasing speed. There are three of them and can be done in any order. They will have you running to a beat and it won't matter if you can't manage them straight away because they can be repeated as many times as you like. Enjoy your running! :)


Thanks for that, I've just been and had a look at the descriptions of the podcasts and it looks like they will be really useful - thanks for the tip :o)


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