Post Graduation Derailment :(

So yes, I graduated in my own self-made blaze of glory on Sunday. I took two days off to compensate for doing two runs in two days over the weekend to finish C25K thinking I would get back on track on Tuesday with the first of my post grad runs.

Wrong!! Came home from work on Tuesday feeling lethargic, achy and as though I were about to come down with something so I postponed the run until yesterday. Except I was worse and got sent home from work. So here I am, back on the couch feeling rough, sweating and shivering alternately with no voice and NO energy. The post just arrived with my graduation T-shirt and I just want to go running in it right now. Instead it's just sat there taunting me and reminding me of all the running I'm NOT doing. Meanwhile I'm confined to the couch, where I started. Oh the irony!! Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel well enough. :)


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11 Replies

  • Hope you can shake off the dreadded bug soon. Don't be tempted off the couch and out running too soon, wait till you've recovered. Don't push yourself too hard on the first couple of runs when you feel better. Get Well Soon.

  • Hope you feel better soon. As Betty Jane says don't rush back too soon. I was on my way to finishing W8 when I got a cold, after a few days of feeling awful I started a run but only managed about 12 mins before developing a real nasty cough as I must have had more congestion than I realised. It then set me back another week.

    I now work to listening to my body as there is a difference between feeling awful and just feeling lazy !! ;-)

  • Oh no, what a shame, but at least you got graduation out of the way first! Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Oh, what a let down :( As rollertoaster says, at least you have graduated, it shouldn't too difficult to get back into it surely, once you are fee better of course. Get well soon :)

  • Errrr.... that should read feeling better by the way. stupid keyboard :p

  • Errr, that should read feeling better.... stupid keyboard :p

  • Wish you better Fraz! The couch in this scenario though is your friend not your enemy so take comfort in it until you feel better to run again and show off your t-shirt! There is no hurry though so listen to your body as you dont want to make it worse.

    BTW, no badge yet?! John must be overworked.......Once you see that you will feel miles better!!

  • Aww Fraz, sorry to hear you're not well! In this instance, embrace the couch and do not run until you feel better! I had 9 days away from running in week 9 (torture!) due to a cold, but I was absolutely grand after the prolonged rest, even though I feared I would lose all my hard-earned fitness.

    Get well soon!

  • Hey Fraz, hope you're feeling well soon, take care of yourself. I agree with Sue, this is not couch lazy, this is couch comfort while you recover.

  • What a shame! But definitely stay on the couch until you are fully recovered then you can have a fabulously successful post-graduate run! Looking forward to your blog :)

  • Oh Fraz how horrible! I too had the same mildly yesterday-still coughing today, but managed my Grad run neverthless, as symptoms not too bad and feel better for it.

    Stay on that couch Fraz and do not move to run until you are better. The weekend will help. Lot's of TLC and fluids to flush out the bugs, with paracetamol 4-6 hourly if you have an elevated temperature. Poor hunny bun! Lots's of nasty bugs going round this time of year, but because we are fitter we zap them much more quickly. You won't gain anything by going out too early as NewbieRunner has proved.

    Lots of psycholigical hugs and get better soon :-)

    Colette xoxoxo

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