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Week 10, Runs 1, 2 and 3(?) am I still recovering from the grad party?

It has been a busy busy week. Thanksgiving was last weekend which I know you don't celebrate in the UK. It involves family and food and (as the name suggests) being thankful.

I am thankful for my mobility, I am thankful for having been given the chance to learn to run, I am thankful for this programme and this community.

The after-effects of too much turkey and pumpkin pie have I think worn off, I have been able to get in two post-grad runs so far (another is planned for this morning).

I hesitate to actually post this (I feel very boring and lame) but ... I ran with Laura again. Seriously, pretty sad I know. Things have been so busy that I just wanted to get out and run and do what was familiar. I did extend my run by a few hundred metres to make the runs 5K runs (really going out on a limb!)

This morning, if all goes well I will head out with my own music, my new iphone using runkeeper, and I will do a 5K. I will however stick to the exact same route (wouldn't want too many changes all at once!)

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I know what you mean, it's a bit momentous being let out on our own with no Laura; a bit like being allowed to walk to school on your own for the first time or going shopping with no mum. We've now got no Laura looking over our shoulder urging us on, reassuring us. Needless to say I downloaded the C25K+ podcasts so she's still there if I need her.


That is exactly it! I have also downloaded the C25K+ podcasts, but have yet to try them. Have you tried any yet?


Maybe it was our graduation party??? Gayle and I have been struggling this week to MAKE the time to run. We had our first post-grad run and since then life has gotten in the way. We will run again this evening, though.

I also had to extend my run a bit more to finish the 5K, Canuck and now I am hoping that the challenge of improving my pace will help motivate me. We signed up for our first 5K event last night and I am hoping that that will help, also! I can't speak to ditching Laura, as Gayle and I used a different C25K program and never actually ran with her. Gayle would listen to the podcasts prior to each run so that she would know the helpful tips, but then we ran with a gps based C25K program.

I am using endomondo now as my gps-based running program. It gives me time and pace after each mile and also allows me to upload everything to their website so that I can have a permanent record of each run and hopefully see progress!! :-)

Maybe we were just so mesmerized (sp?) with the thought of completing the program, that we lost sight of something very important...WE ARE RUNNERS now!!!

Slip those earbuds in...start runkeeper and do what got you here and do what you do best, Anna...KEEP RUNNING!! :-)


Thanks Steve! That captures a lot of my week too. Things have been really busy.

Good for you and Gloria signing up for a run, I think that goals will help us all to keep running (and the thought of having to start at the beginning again if we stop!)

I am actually looking forward to getting out for a run - goodbye Laura (for a bit at least... until I try a C25K+ podcast!)

Good luck with your run tonight!


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