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Second weekend end in a row running for 10 miles!

So after my awesome weekend last week in the lake district now I know I can run for 10 miles I though I would do it again! I can hardly walk now though. I've been shambling around the house all evening! Maybe it's time to ease off things a bit...

So I did this route I got from a race thats held at Harewood House just north of Leeds. It's passes the emmerdale farm set and goes around a big reservoir and through farmland.

The worst part of the run was having to slowly make my way through a herd of cows! I was feeling quite sketchy as a few had horns. I'm not the biggest fan of being surrounded by cows to be honest.

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You don't get cows on a treadmill! If that's not a reason to get outside I don't know what is! Unless you don't like them of course.... :)


I don't mind them from a distance. It when you have no choice but to have to walk through the middle of the heard. They all had horns so I think it was a load of bullocks now. There's something about it really gives me the heegeebeebees!


*At first I read this as 10k, but 10 miles?! Blimey! I wouldn't be aching so much as comatose.*


Wow, well done. I'm impressed and look forward to the day when I can run for 10 miles.

I like the idea of doing a figure-of-8 long run, so you can cover a fair distance in a compact-ish space. It looks like an interesting route with the mix of farm tracks between fields, woodland sections and the path alongside the reservoir. I wondered what the strange maze-like arrangement of trees was south of the reservoir, until I saw it was a golf course. A bit strange compared to golf courses I'd seen. Do you know what the huge number of tracks on the lawn at Harewood House are caused by?


I'm not sure about the tracks to be honest. I know they sometime have festivals and there was a VW Campervan festival there a little while ago. It might be something to do with that.


10 miles. fantastic!! have you been building up to this distance over time?

as for running again after running it last week ~ you have definately caught the running bug :)

hope your legs are feeling a bit better now.



No I've kind of jumped in at the deep end which is why I'm going to ease off on the long runs for a while and concentrate on running 10k. I had planned on going mountain biking today but havnt been capable of much more than sitting around the house watching tv and playing computers games!

Previously I had graduated from the c25k and spent a couple of weeks repeating the 30 min run three times a weeks. Then over the course of 3 weeks I've gone from running 7.5km for the first time to running 10 miles and then running ten miles again!

My girlfriends done a couple of marathons and she seems to thinking that once you can run for 45 mins you can just keep and running. She was right and it's good to have someone to encourage me. I don't think I could have managed more than the 2 hours it took me to run the 10 miles though.


I kinda asked as Ive signed up for a half marathon in 20weeks time & am upping the pace by half a mile a week on my long run & wondered how the legs & body were coping with running 10miles twice in as many weeks!

thats such a big jump from 7.5k to 10miles. well done you on going for it. was girlfriend with you for company?

Ive run 8miles on a treadmill but up to now 6 is my maximum outside :)

just seen 2 hours ~ wow!!


How far are you running at the moment? I reckon 5 months will be more than enough time! Have you ever looked at the audiofuel mp3s. I ran with this one. It cost 20 quid but I reckon it's worth it. Having some idea of what pace to run at really helped me! It also let you know how long you've been running for although I'm not sure the music is to everyones taste.

My girlfriend was with me for the first one. It was a lovely sunny day in the lake district and we ran part way around Buttermere then all the way around Crummock Water. However I was a bit of a gibbering wreck by the end of it!


today was 4miles. my long run :) I moved home in may & running has been a bit hit & miss. think I only did 6miles total in june & then had school holidays & kids to fit around. but now well & truly back to 3times a week.

I actually ran to the first hour today but must admit I couldnt get my legs to keep up to the last 10mins of 170bpm I think, but I did keep going. I liked the clapping when you reach 10, 20, 30mins etc. made me smile & go woohoo in my head :)

as for you being a gibbering wreck, my legs went to jelly, literally, the last time I ran outside for over an hour! so heaven knows what will happen after 2 hours.


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