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W2/R2 - So far so good!

Painful beginnings are a thing of the past!

After not being able to run for 3 days after the first run due to VERY painful legs, I decided to take action following the advice given to me here.

What I do:

- Make sure I drink enough water everyday

- Run

- Post run yoga for about 10 minutes

- Shower (warm/cold/warm/cold water on legs)

- Massage legs with Arnica massage balm

- Drink water and eat a banana + oatcake if necessary

= happy mind, happy body!

I have been able to run every other day since then! My legs no longer ache at all afterwards or the following day, even if I "feel them working" while running.

I must say, starting C25K is by far the most rewarding activity I have ever done. Feeling happy!

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Great blog, Grizelezig. Glad to hear you're making such good progress. Good luck for the rest of the programme. :)


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