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Who is this alien?

Week 4 is finished. Headed out at lunchtime, wasn't sure if it would be possible but got my stuff done this morning in a timely fashion. My partner was laughing this morning when I was worrying about whether I would be able to fit a run in today, "who is this alien creature?" ha ha!

The first run was probably the toughest and I could feel my leg muscles working. But after that it seemed to settle down and get a bit easier. My only problem was my ipod cutting out towards the end of the second 3 minute run. I will need to get one of those things that hold it properly rather than letting it rattle around in my pocket.

And the rain came on just as I got back to the office.

So now I have a healthy glow but a low blood sugar level, so time for lunch. Hmmm, a wrap with peanut butter, an apple and an oatcake. Tastes pretty good right now actually!

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WELCOME TO WEEK 5 MABBERS! :-) My hubby (smhall) and I laugh about trying to fit our run times in also. Who would of ever guessed just a few short weeks ago most of us were sitting on the couch and fitting in television time compared to run time!


Snap.. i have become someone i don't know... 8 weeks ago it wouldn't have crossed my mind that i would be thinking in "days till next run" .. but hey can't be a bad thing..


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