This is how to return to running!

This is how to return to running!

I've been a little quiet on here of late, as work and life has been getting in the way and my running has been suffering for it. I have been in Hong Kong all week with work and have been lucky enough to have had a chance to explore this amazing city just a little bit and today I went for a run! It was my first run in over a week so I was really looking forward to it.

I was extremely lucky that right next to the hotel there was a wonderful harbourside promenade, so it was the obvious choice of route. I got out there and joined all the other morning joggers, power walkers and Tai Chi-ers going about their morning exercise.

It was absolutely stunning! I ran past a park with small petting zoo, along the waterside with fishermen casting their nets, and towards a small harbour where I turned round. All the time leaving the bustle of the Central area behind me and looking across the water to the skyscrapers with the imposing mountains behind, their peaks covered by low cloud.

It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad I packed my running gear. This run helped me rediscover the pure joy of running and I'm on an absolute high now! And guess what? To top it off I got a PB! 5K in 29.06!! That's some icing as I wasn't looking for speed at all and even stopped very briefly to take this photo - I couldn't resist!

Well I'd better go and check out of my room now, but I will be spending my last opportunity for sightseeing with a spring in my step for my return home tonight.


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19 Replies

  • Wow, that sounds absolutely fantastic, a run to remember for sure!

  • For sure Suki! I tell you what, it was strange running in heat again with all this cold weather we've been having, I'm even more keen for spring to come round now!

  • Great time, Rollertoaster! And what a wonderful sounding run - and lovely picture. :)

    You were one of the keep-fit freaks in Hong Kong! Coooool!

  • Yep, Greenlegs i was one of those and proud I was too! Just being out with them was motivation! Amazing experience, I'm so glad I did it!

  • Jealous, sounds a tad more interesting than the A638 to Doncaster which is my regular! :(

  • I certainly know that feeling. I was getting pretty bored with my standard jaunt around the residential roads where I live. It seems the change of scenery really did me the world of good as I was really struggling to get out recently, just so bored with the same old! Unfortunately I won't be lucky enough to be getting an exotic a run as that again any time soon.

  • Isn't it great to have the opportunity to run in foreign parts? That bit of apprehension of getting lost or mugged or "how do I call an ambulance if I hurt myself?". Then to find yourself mixing in with the locals, on an equal level, getting smles and nods, taking in the micro environment - the smells, sounds, etc. The "what's around that next corner or up that side street?" I love it & it sounds like you do too.

    Have a safe journey home.

  • That really encapsulates how I felt about it Malcy! I didn't have to worry about getting lost as I was just following a promenade right next to the water. There was one point where it stopped, but I just followed another runner who looked like he knew where he was going to get back to the waterside (he did!) so I could really concentrate on taking it all in.

    I previously hadn't dared run before though when travelling for work, but so glad I did this time! Certainly won't forget it in a hurry and will do so again in future!

  • What a fantastic run, in such a beautiful location, I love an explore :-)

  • Aww it was brilliant Phil! It also enabled me to see a part of the city I otherwise wouldn't have so a real bonus to my trip!

  • Lovely blog, Rollertoaster! and nice to hear from you. Sounds a fantastic run (I loved HK, I was there in 1994 and would love to visit again). Like Greenlegs, I think it's really cool that you blended in with the local HK fitness scene! That's one of the nicest thngs about running, you can do it wherever, and you are part of the company of runners, people smile at you and you have an understanding!

  • It's an absolutely amazing place, I would love to return and under holiday rather than work conditions, though I was lucky to have a little itme to sightsee. It's so true, there was such an understanding between me and the other runners, it made me feel so welcome!

    The funniest bit was when I got back to the hotel. I had left out of the side entrance for fear of my colleagues seeing me in my running gear, but I hadn't banked on my key card not working on the way back in. I had to go through the main door, and tried to sneak quietly through the lobby to the lift. Naturally just at that moment everyone began congregating in the lobby! They certainly looked alarmed and stunned to see me in such an overexcited sweaty state (I forgot what it's like running in heat) decked out in full running gear! I'm not sure they'll be able to look at me in the same way again!

  • Lol, I bet they were impressed!!! They certainly should be!

  • Sounds fantastic! If you dont mind me asking, what time did you see the people doing Tai Chi? I have a 2 day layover in Hong Kong in August and would love to see this. I have heard that you see it super early and wouldnt want to miss it. Thanks

  • Thanks! It wasn't super early, around 10 ish? I was quite surprised people were still out doing it as I heard they are out first thing.

    Have you been before? If not, I'm sure you'll love it! Also you'll be surprised how much you can see in a short time. Best place I've heard to see Tai Chi is Victoria Park first thing. Also apparently they do free lessons outside the Art museum, Mon, Wed and Fri at 8am. Enjoy! :)

  • Lucky you and thanks for sharing! :-)

  • Thanks so much Lynds, it was a fab run!

  • Thanks Rollercoaster! I have never been to Asia before so really looking forward to it!

  • How exciting! I'm a little jealous I'd love to go back.

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