Who wears short shorts?

Who wears short shorts?

Saturday morning. I'd done a run Friday evening around the streets of Dundee while waiting for our end of session dinner (not enough time to justify going home and back) and wrapped my gear in the towel I used after my post-run shower. Incidentally - I though that by the time I got back to my office, the others would be safely in the bar. Not so, and my colleagues now know what I look like 'out of uniform'.

So this morning when I dressed for the Parkrun, I unpacked my gear to find it sodden. Yes, I know I should have realised everything would 'wick' ...

I'm not one for baring my legs but I do have shorts for my European camping holidays, and they would have to do. And it was great! Feeling the warmth on my knobbly knees and white flesh felt good. And none of my fellow Parkrunners laughed at me.


The run itself was tough. Gary (as I now know him to be) was on my shoulder most of the way and I was having to push to stay ahead. At the half way point, my time was 11m 55s - geez, this could be a 24 min 5k. On the final uphill, I broke. Gary slipped past and; as we got to the finish, my time was an unofficial 25m 11s. That's yet another PB - by a stonking 22 seconds!

Here's the good bit though - as we chatted while waiting to have our times logged, Gary said how much he appreciated running with me. He had struggled to keep my pace! AAARGH - I was struggling to stay ahead, he was struggling just as much to keep up! We just kind of smiled ruefully. But what an experience ...

I took a few minutes to hand out copies of the "Scottish Running Guide" ( scottishrunningguide.com ) and set off for my 'reverse direction' second 5k. That was nice - families were starting to arrive with their balls and picnic baskets, people were out in the rowing boats, and some old geezers were sailing their model trawlers. All that, with the scent from the flower beds. Can anything be more perfect?




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15 Replies

  • That looks like a beautiful place, Malcy. Love the pic of the old model enthusiasts!

  • Freddie and the Dreamers?

  • You beat me to it; definitely Freddie & the Dreamers!

  • I only have on thing to say Delia - you were made for me.

    Everybody tells me so!


  • hahaha! One more for my playlist :-)

  • Lovely pictures and well done on yet another PB!

  • This is so perfect! :D I love the PB Malcy!!! You just keep getting better and better :)

    Thank you for the photos. The one of the 'old geezers' just put a huge smile on my face :D

    I sometimes wear a skirt to run in (an old tennis skirt of mine), and it's much better! I'm thinking of investing in a running one. Like you say, feeling the air on ones skin is quite uplifting! I don't advise that you switch to a skirt though ;)

  • Now now - let's keep running a sexism free zone - I'll run in a skirt if I jolly well want to! Oh - and racism ... maybe I should unearth my kilt. it does get a bit draughty though ... :)

  • And you'd have to watch out for them ticks ( on the previous post from Swanscot!) ;-)

  • Congratulations on the PB :-)

  • Well done on that run - really speedy - and then a second 5k on top! Really enjoyed the photos too.

    What a lovely day it's been today. :)

  • Ooh malcy, so now your colleagues see Malcolm the Runner, not just the techie! :)

    Brilliant time and nice photos! It certainly was a lovely day for a run...


  • "We wear short shorts!"

    Brilliant time, Malcy! Well done! What a lovely venue for your Parkrun.

    I like the photo of the old guys with their model trawlers.

  • Fab run! Well done Malcy, and from the photos it looks lovely. Great day for a PB! :)

  • Wow - what a time!! Well done indeed....

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