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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the slowest of us all?!!

I know loads of people say they run really slowly, but honestly, I feel I should be up for a prize here! This morning I did wk 6 run 3 and was totally thrilled and surprised to be able to get to the end of the 25 mins. I found the wk5 run 3 very hard going, so expected that this one would be tough too. It was tough, but do-able. However, I followed all the advice and went really slowly and had to chuckle when Laura said I could slow down at the end, as I'm pretty sure that my walking is quicker than my running!

I hadn't wanted to go out this morning as I felt tired and didn't want to feel defeated by the 25 mins. But before I went out I read a few of the encouraging posts on here and it really helped. Thanks folks!!

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Well done, you did it ... That's the main thing! And whilst tired too! You have the straightforward runs ahead of you now and your body is prepared - give your 'mind' a rest over the weekend as the next few are as much about mental attitude as physical ability. Now you've done a long run, you just have to convince yourself that you wont even notice the tiny increase of time! When you think about it, from week 1 to 2 you coped with a 50% increase of running duration. Now the increase is around 10% and you body has survived weeks of training ..... easy peasy, slowly and steadily all the way: you know you CAN do this :) Lots of luck, you're closing in on graduation day now! :D Cheers, Linda x


Well done for completing week 6 run 3! It doesn't matter how slowly you did it, the thing is that you did it! Linda's words of wisdom up above are spot on :) you can do this. Trust the programme, and you will soon see grad day looming :)


Wheatls - I won't challenge you to a race but I doubt if anyone runs much more slowly than I do. To call it a plod is to suggest something rather speedier than it is... I'm doing W6R3 later today and rather dreading it but am determined to try it, even if I am almost standing still at the end. I keep thinking that the objective is to keep moving, and persevering with the plan. At least we are - all of us on this journey - less static than we were when we started. You sound to be just a run or two ahead of me; best of luck - I'll be right behind you!


Well done on completing W6R3! My husband's walking is the same speed as my running so I know where you're coming from! I agree with the others - keep going with the plan, build up your distance and stamina and the speed will come later. Do you use any apps to measure your time and distance? You may not be as slow as you think. Good luck with the best of the plan :-) I'm two runs behind you.


Speed is not important right now - completing and keeping going is - you are doing so well, think of how far you have come, and now you only have 3 weeks to go.

'Slowly, slowly catchy monkey' :-) :-)


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