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Who is Laura?

The couch to 5 k app that I have on my phone must be a very basic one. The female voice on my app only says very basic commands like "Brisk walk" - "Jog" - "You're half way there" and "cool down" I think. After reading this forum I see that there are breathing techniques explained and maybe some other things that I'm not aware of.

I really thought I had the most updated app but obviously not. Could someone please tell me what it is and where can I find it?

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Laura is the coach on the NHS Choices Couch to 5K plan. You can download the podcasts as mp3 files or link to them on iTunes here:

Other info about the programme here:


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction swanscot . Can't believe those podcasts are free! I'm all set now :)


We used a rundouble app. because we could track distance/pace and listen to our own music. The days of our run I would listen To Laura and then review her advice as I ran. Laura is so much nicer then the gal on our app! ;-)

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I don't have an i-phone, but I do have an i-pod , tell me more about Have I understood that I can put Laura's voice on my own music? Can I put this app on my i-pod? It's a pretty advance i-pod. Can I download it? Thanks


Yes, I thought the female voice on my previous version must have been Laura. It wasn't until I'd been on this forum a few weeks that I realized I was listening to something quite different. Today is my first run with Laura so am looking forward to the extra's that this app has. Every little bit helps when looking for motivation. W2R3


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