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Gait analysis

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Went to my sports therapist and she got me to run on the treadmill, first with my arch supports then without, then barefoot. Very interesting. So she told me I run too knock kneed and wonky! But I do a mid strike and am not too heavy on my feet... but I need to up my cadence to 170bpm as it’s currently 150. So, the kissing the ground with my feet has paid off, thank you Floss! So I need to also focus on keeping my hip line straight across rather than dropping my hip with each step.

Lots of glute exercises prescribed too. A lot to think about about, and need to get a playlist together to help increase cadence. Oddly she said get neutral shoes, as I run well barefoot, but will have to keep the old ones and break them in gradually. A bit concerned about that but I do want to go that way so will take the advice. Thanks for listening anyone 😄😊🏃‍♀️👋

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Yeyayayyayaya..go you!

Barefoot running right now could be an issue... cold tootsies:) I used to run barefoot when I ran at school..( ran for the country... fast running too :) Hahahha!

Until a nasty girl with spikes made them change the regs!!!

I hope you can settle into the shoes.... steady and slow eh ? :) x

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Haha thanks Floss, arh so that’s why you’re so good at this running lark! Yes will take it slow and steady, that much I do know 😊😁😁👍

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Interesting stuff and totally logical. Assuming that the shoes we first go for gait analysis in are the wrong shoes, they show nothing, and running in the shops neutral test shoe may be better, but surely running barefoot shows the actual picture. is great for finding music you like at the desired tempo by the way

I do run in Nike Free RN (so called barefoot shoes) some of the time, I did a lot of C25K in them, but it takes some adaptation if you’re not used to being barefooted to start with, the advice seems to be one run a week, and that’s for daily running types.

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Ooo thanks unfitnomore I will check that site out. So you run in ‘barefoot’ too. Way to go I reckon... just hope my arches agree. Also have to do some feet exercises lifting the big toes while other 4 toes are flat. Then reverse. Even you could do that one 😁 while on the couch 🛋😊

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to CatMo13

There’s another with the toes, put a tea towel on the floor out flat and gather it up with toes only. I been doing that one a while.

Today I am walking around the house on my toes a bit... looks crazy but it’s pain free and so I’m confident I can get out for a longer walk next week. Parkrun juniors marshalling tomorrow will let me know if I’ll be ready. Looking good to run before Christmas.

I haven’t worn shoes in the house for many years, which apparently is a big help with minimalist shoes, so they were a natural choice for me... I do have 2 pairs of regular running shoes now which I will use on long runs mostly.

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Ok are the regular running shoes neutral too? Fantastic news that you can start running soon !

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to CatMo13

Yeah all neutrals here

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Thanks for postin, that was for thought 🙂🎄

Pleased you have got something positive to work on CatMo... a worthwhile visit.👍

I've recently been using my glutes while I run, by keeping upright and adopting the pelvic tilt a little, tightening the glutes. It has improved my pace and I feel takes lots of the pressure off the knees too. Well done on seeking help.

Hope things feel better as you practice the new form.


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CatMo13Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I’ll check out that technique on YouTube thanks good follow up news , went to a running shop this afternoon and they confirmed I’m neutral to low and recommended neutral running shoes too! So now I have the new shoes as my birthday pressie 🤩 from hubby. So will be trying them out next week 😬 I think as Unfitnomore said my gait has changed since I started running 👍🏻

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