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Did week 6 run 2 today and still enjoying it :-)

Discovered this website through my boyfriend who I seem to have managed to con into starting running :-D

I did C25K about three years ago and was running until two years ago when life got a bit in the way. So decided that I would seize the day and see how I'd get along again. Am still enjoying it although this morning really could have done with having some gloves on at the beginning! Am using my nike plus thing on the ipod with a cool runnings podcast and am starting to get a bit faster now. Think I have more to give although with warm up and cool down included I am down to about 9:45 min/mile so may be able to get to my target of 5k in 30 min by the time I graduate :-)

Have been doing a bit more cycling too more as a method of transport than exercise but about 20 miles cycling a week is hopefully doing a bit of good as well.

Am really enjoying reading other people's stories on here and think C25K is one of the best inventions :-)

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WELCOME!!! You will love the community here as well as C25K!!! :-)


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